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Cleaning and care
Plastic and metal drip trays
^ Take the plastic and metal drip trays
out of the appliance and wash them.
Wash the plastic drip tray by hand
Capsule carousel and tray
^ Pull the carousel tray a out as far as
^ Lift the capsule carousel b up and
^ Lift up the tray slightly a, and pull it
all the way out b.
^ Wash the capsule carousel and tray
in the dishwasher, or by hand with a
mild solution of warm water and
liquid dish soap, then dry thoroughly.
^ Clean the carousel niche as well. Be
sure to clean the sensor, which
selects the proper capsule
compartment, and the recess in the
floor of the niche. Dry with a soft
^ To reinsert the tray, slide the runners
along the guide rails and push them
into the machine until they click into
^ Insert the capsule carousel, the
appliance will align it automatically.
^ Slide the tray and capsule carousel
back into the appliance.

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Table of Contents

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