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Coffee system
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Do not place anything other than
Nespresso capsules un the capsule
Do not use damaged, broken or
dented capsules! They may jam in the
machine and damage it.
Never place a cup with an
alcohol-coffee mixture underneath the
coffee dispenser. Plastic parts of the
unit could catch fire!
The hot water and steam dispensed
could cause scalding. These functions
must be used carefully. Never hold any
parts of the body under the steam
nozzle or the hot water dispenser. The
machine must never be used to clean
Never use a steam cleaner to clean
the appliance. Pressurized steam could
damage electrical components and
cause a short circuit.
Clean the coffee system daily to
prevent bacterial growth. All parts of
the coffee system are dishwasher-safe
except for the capsule plate and the
plastic drip tray. Failure to properly
maintain machine may cause health
Do not clean inside the capsule
plate opening. Danger on injury.
Do not reach into the perforator.
Injuries may occur.
Do not touch hot surfaces. Use
buttons or steam lever.
To avoid injuries allow the coffee
system to cool before cleaning or
before putting on or taking off parts.
Turn the machine off at the main switch
when not in use and before cleaning.
The water in the drip tray can be
very hot. Use caution when emptying it.
Danger of burns.
The coffee system must be
descaled regularly with the supplied
descaling tablets. In areas with very
hard water the machine needs to be
descaled more often.
The capsule plate will soil more or
less depending on the coffee capsule
used. Clean the capsule plate every 1
to 2 months with a cleaning tablet,
available from Miele.
Only use the descaling tablets
provided by Miele and be sure to use
the correct mixture of water and
descaler. Otherwise appliance damage
may occur.
Do not hang, lean, sit or place heavy
items on the door. The machine may be
The use of accessories not
recommended by the appliance
manufacturer may result in fire, electric
shock or injury to persons.
The appliance is designed for use
in room temperatures between 59°F
and 140°F (15°C and 60°C). Do not use
the appliance outside of this range of

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