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Coffee system
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Frequently asked questions
Although the steam heating system is turned off, it is still possible to
simultaneously prepare espresso / coffee and steam.
Possible fault
Steam can be dispensed as long as
the steam heating system is warm.
The steam smells like rubber.
The rubber odor will wear off with time and usage.
The cappuccinatore does not dispense milk froth.
Possible fault
– The spout turned to the side so
that froth can only be prepared in
the cappuccinatore.
– The valve and the froth dispenser
of the cappuccinatore are not
properly inserted in the lid.
– Are any single parts of the
cappuccinatore clogged?
The coffee dispensing is interrupted.
Possible fault
If a double espresso / coffee was
selected the machine uses two
coffee capsules.
The appliance does not rinse when turned on.
If the appliance is at a temperature of 140°F (60°C) or above, the rinse feature
will not work.
The drip tray is empty but there is still a repeated prompt to empty it.
Possible fault
– The contacts are wet and or dirty.
– Is the drip tray inserted properly?
Once cooled the system will no longer
dispense steam.
– Turn the spout to the cup.
– See "Cleaning and care".
– Clean the cappuccinatore.
Dispensing is interrupted when the
carousel chambers are empty. Refill
coffee capsules.
– Check the drip tray contacts.
– Reinsert the drip tray.
– Using the main switch turn the
appliance off the on again.
If the message persists contact Miele
Technical Service Dept.

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