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Coffee system
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A combination with other Miele built in
appliances is possible. If the machine
is installed in combination with other
appliances, it should be installed with a
protective base between the appliance
and the unit (exception: installation with
a built-in plate warmer).
A special display cabinet is also
available from your dealer or Miele, as
an installation option.
Make sure power is not supplied to
the appliance while installation or
maintenance work is performed.
Disconnect the power supply to the
work area by unplugging the unit,
tripping the circuit breaker or
removing the fuse. The coffee
system must be properly installed
before being used.
This unit should only be used in
room temperatures ranging between
59°F and 140°F (15°C and 60°C).
^ Push the appliance all the way back
into the cabinet and center it. If
necessary level the unit with the four
height adjustable feet.
The feet can be turned out up to 3/8"
(10 mm).
^ If your cabinet has 3/4" (19 mm) side
walls, drill four holes for the
^ Center the unit and turn the screws a
little bit in and then out again.
^ Take the unit out of the niche and drill
four holes at the screw markings
(1/16" [2 mm], diameter 3/16"
[4.5 mm]).
^ Plug the appliance into the electrical
^ Push the appliance into the niche.
^ Open the door and partially tighten
the screws.
^ Carefully turn the lower screws, a, to
center the machine.
^ To secure the appliance in the
cabinet, tighten the upper screws, b,
by hand. Do not use an electric

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