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The Espresso Range - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Ristretto (black)
is the typical Italian espresso. It is a
short, strong, full-bodied espresso with
a touch of acidity. It has a pleasantly
lingering taste.
Strength: 10
Ideal cup size: Espresso, 1/2 Espresso
or Cappuccino
Arpeggio (dark purple)
is a Mediterranean blend par
excellence with a strong character,
intense body and long exquisite
after-taste. Its thick, smooth crema
remains to the last sip.
Strength: 9
Ideal cup size: Espresso, 1/2 Espresso
or Cappuccino
Roma (dark gray)
With its sweetness and its woody notes,
Roma is the ideal coffee for a short
espresso that is not too strong.
Strength: 8
Ideal cup size: Espresso or 1/2
Decaffeinato Intenso (brick red)
An intense, rich taste with slightly
elevated acidity gives this
decaffeinated coffee all the strength of
a true espresso.
Strength: 7
Ideal cup size: Espresso

The Espresso range

Livanto (copper brown)
A very well balanced blend, Livanto is
characterized by a dense and velvety
aroma. It is a uniquely rounded
Strength: 6
Ideal cup size: Espresso
Capriccio (dark green)
is a full-bodied espresso, which is also
creamy, mild and rich. Its crema is very
dense, and so delicate that it reflects
the light.
Strength: 5
Ideal cup size: Espresso
Volluto (yellow gold)
Lightly roasted but full-bodied, Volluto's
flavor is round and fresh with a cereal
hint. Volluto's character is reinforced by
a touch of acidity.
Strength: 4
Ideal cup size: Espresso
Cosi (dark brown)
is perfect for espresso lovers who enjoy
a mild, smooth crema coupled with the
refreshing acidity of a hint of lemon.
Strength: 3
Ideal cup size: Espresso
Decaffeinato (red)
This is the lighter and creamier
decaffeinated blend, offering a rich and
delicate balance between mildness and
acidity. Decaffeinato's crema is
distinguished by its hazel color and
consistent texture in the mouth.
Strength: 2
Ideal cup size: Espresso

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