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Coffee system
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Coffee glossary

Caffè is the Italian term for a standard
Caffè americano is a thin espresso
with water added.
Caffè corretto is espresso with a
splash of liquor.
Caffè freddo is iced coffee. An
extended version of espresso served
with ice.
Caffè latte is a double espresso in a
large cup filled with hot milk, topped
with little or no foam.
Caffè moca consists of equal parts of
espresso, hot milk and cocoa.
Caffè ristretto is the strongest most
concentrated espresso. The water is
reduced to 2 tablespoons (30 ml) per
Caffeine - the caffeine content of
espresso is only a third or half of that
found in coffee. The stronger the roast,
the less caffeine the espresso will
Cappuccino is espresso with frothed
milk. It is equal parts of espresso, hot
milk and foam.
Cappuccino chiaro is a "light"
cappuccino with less espresso and
more hot milk.
Cappuccino scuro is a "dark"
cappuccino with more espresso and
less hot milk.
Cappuccino senza schiuma is a
cappuccino without the froth.
Crema is the sign of the perfect cup of
espresso - a fine, nut or cinnamon
brown foam on the surface of the
espresso, which is only created when
the pressure is sufficiently high. The
crema contains foamed oils which are
rich in flavor and aroma.
Espresso, see Caffè.
Espresso corto is a "short", strong
Espresso doppio is a double portion of
normal espresso.
Espresso lungo is the longer, less
concentrated version served in a stan-
dard coffee cup.
Espresso ristretto is a double
strength, bitter tasting espresso.
Macchiato is espresso with a dollop of
hot, foamed milk giving a dappled
(macchiato) appearance.
Pre-warming the cup is recommended
to prevent the espresso from cooling
too quickly.

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