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Changing A User Profile; Deleting A User Profile - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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User profiles
Saving an entry
^ When the entry is complete, use < or
> to select OK. Confirm by selecting
OK again.
The menu for the user profile will
appear in the display.
Not saving an entry
^ If you do not wish to save the entry,
use < or > to select "back A".
Confirm with OK.
The following options will only
appear if you have already added a
new user profile:

Changing a user profile

^ Select the user profile you wish to
change. Confirm with OK.
^ Continue as described in "Setting a
user profile".

Deleting a user profile

^ Select "Delete" and confirm with OK.
^ Use < or > to select the user profile
you wish to delete.
^ Confirm with OK.
A check appears after the selected
user profile, and it will be erased
The coffee system can be set so that
after each drink prepared, it will
automatically revert to the standard
user profile or retains the most recently
selected user profile.
^ Use the arrow buttons to select the
Select from the following options:
The appliance stores and operates
using the selected user profile until
another user profile is selected.
^ Use < or > to select "manual".
Confirm with OK.
After each use
After each drink prepared, the
appliance automatically switches back
to the standard user profile.
^ Use the arrow buttons to select
"Default". Confirm with OK.
When switched on
Every time the appliance is turned on,
the appliance automatically selects the
standard user profile, regardless of
which user profile was set before the
machine was last turned off.
^ Select "When switched on" using the
arrow buttons. Confirm with OK.

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