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Lighting: Setting the switch-off
Whenever the machine is On, the
machine lighting is also On. The
lighting turns off automatically when the
machine has been idle for 15 minutes.
When the machine is turned off, you
can program the lighting to remain On
and to shut off automatically after a
certain amount of time if the machine is
not used
You can choose a duration from 15
minutes to 6 hours.
^ Turn the machine off.
^ With the machine turned off, tap OK.
^ Select "Lighting", confirm with OK.
^ Select "Switch off after", confirm with
^ Use < or > to select an switch-off
time, confirm with OK.
^ Select "Brightness" and tap OK.
^ Tap the arrow button to increase or
decrease the brightness. Tap OK to
save the setting (Factory Setting:
^ Select "Back" symbol twice to exit the
The machine will now automatically turn
the lighting off after the programmed
amount of time.


The display contrast and brightness
can be adjusted.
^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
^ Tap > until "Display" is highlighted.
Confirm with OK.
^ Use < or > to select "Contrast" or
"Brightness" as desired. Confirm with
^ Use < or > to set the contrast lower
or higher, or to make the display
brighter or darker.
^ Confirm with OK to save the setting.

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