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Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions page 57

Coffee system
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What if F 75 appears in the display?
The waste container sensors are dirty.
^ Remove the waste container and
clean the niche, paying special
attention to the sensors on the left
and right hand sides.
^ Place the waste container back in the
The coffee capsule was not pushed
onto the capsule plate.
^ Remove the carousel tray and
capsule plate from the machine.
^ Clean the capsule carousel niche.
Thoroughly clean the sensor and the
recess in the floor. Dry with a soft
^ Return all parts to the machine, then
use the main switch to turn the
appliance back on again.
^ Close the door.
Removing a jammed capsule
The coffee capsule rests on the
capsule plate.
^ Open the appliance door.
Turn off the appliance with the main
^ Remove the carousel tray and the
capsule plate from the machine.
^ On the right side of the capsule plate
is an opening. Check if a coffee
capsule has jammed there.
^ Use a wooden spoon handle (only) to
push the capsule into the waster
^ Return the capsule plate, carousel
tray and capsule carousel to the
^ Turn the appliance on with the main
^ Close the appliance door and follow
the instructions in the display.
If the fault still appears in the display or
the damaged capsule could not be
removed easily, contact Technical Ser-

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