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Coffee system
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Do not let the cord hang over the
edge of a table or counter, or touch hot
Do not operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, or after the
appliance malfunctions or has been
damaged in any manner. Contact
Always attach the cord to the
appliance first, then plug it into the wall
outlet. To disconnect, turn the machine
off, then remove the plug from the wall
Never open the outer casing of the
appliance. Tampering with electrical
connections or components and
mechanical parts is dangerous and
may cause machine damage.
If the machine is installed in
combination with other appliances, a
protective base should be installed
between the appliance and the unit
(except for combinations with a plate
Install or locate this appliance only
in accordance with the provided
installation instructions.
Use only Nespresso-coffee
capsules with this machine. The use of
other products will damage the
Caution! Risk of burns when
dispensing hot beverages, they are
extremely hot.
Caution! Do not look directly or, with
an optical instrument into the
lighting - laser radiation.
Do not reach into the brew unit
unless the appliance is disconnected
from the power supply. Danger of
The water lines must be rinsed and
the machine cleaned thoroughly before
the first coffee is prepared. The
cappuccinatore should also be
Only fill the water tank with cold,
fresh tap water. Warm or hot water, or
any other liquids may damage the
machine. The water should be changed
daily to prevent bacteria or mold
Do not use deionized or mineral
water. Mineral water leads to heavy
calcium buildup in the machine that
can damage the unit.
Only use cold plain milk in the
cappuccinatore. Flavored milk products
contain substances that can clog the

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Table of Contents

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