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Coffee system
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Cleaning and care
Clean the cappuccinatore after every
use, otherwise it may become blocked
with dried milk and hard to clean.
The cappuccinatore can be
disassembled into parts for thorough
cleaning. For best results, use a
dishwasher - all parts are
^ Separate the lid, remove all parts and
To remove the valve, the dot needs to
be in the 12 o'clock position
(between the hot milk and froth
^ Re-assemble the lid as shown in the
When replacing the valve be sure the
dot is facing the upper right.
Be sure that the parts are
assembled properly e.g., no gap
between each half of the lid.
Be sure that the re-assembled lid is
seated correctly on the pitcher. The
valve belongs over the handle of the
cappuccinatore. If the valve is in the
wrong position, the cappuccinatore
will not work properly.

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