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Steam System; Lighting: Adjusting The Brightness - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Steam system

The appliance is equipped with 2
heating systems allowing you to
prepare steam and coffee/espresso at
the same time. If you do not use steam
frequently, it can be turned off to save
If the steam system is turned Off,
the appliance will only prepare
steam and coffee/espresso one after
the other.
If the steam system is Off and you
operate the steam valve, the
appliance will not product steam
until it has heated up.
As long as the appliance has not
been turned off completely, the
steam system will remain active.
^ Select "Settings F" from the main
menu. Confirm with OK.
^ Tap > until "Steam system" is
highlighted. Confirm with OK.
^ Use < or > to select "On" or "Off.
Confirm with OK.
Lighting: Adjusting the
The brightness of the machine lighting
can be adjusted.
^ Select "Settings F", confirm with OK.
^ Tap < or > until "Lighting" is
highlighted, confirm with OK.
^ Select "Brightness", confirm with OK.
^ Tap < or > to select a lighter or
darker setting.
^ Tap OK to save the setting.
If you continue to tap < all the way to
the left until you can no longer see the
small white bars, the lighting will turn

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