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The Lungo Range - Miele CVA 2662 CVA 2662 Operating And Installation Instructions

Coffee system
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Fortissio Lungo (teal)
This full-bodied Lungo is characterised
by notes of dark-roasted beans. A
blend of Central and South American
Arabicas with a hint of Robusta,
Fortissio Lungo offers a delicious
bitterness and an exquisite fullness on
the palate.
Strength: 7
Ideal cup size: Lungo
Vivalto (sky blue)
is an intense Lungo which combines a
beautifully roasted and floral notes. Its
crema is notable for its smooth texture.
Equally delicious prepared with milk.
Strength: 6
Ideal cup size: Lungo
Decaffeinato Lungo (coral)
has a consistent body and a delicious
texture on the palette. Its slow and
consistent roasting reveals a delicious
roasted flavor.
Strength: 5
Ideal cup size: Lungo

The Lungo range

Finezzo (butter yellow)
This light and thirst-quenching Lungo
expressses a floral bouquet of jasmine,
orange flower and bergamot. A lightly
roasted blend of floral East African
Arabicas and scented Arabicas from
South and Central America, Finezzo
Lungo is refreshed by a touch of
Strength: 3
Ideal cup size: Lungo

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