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Button Sewing - ELNA eXpressive 860 Instruction Manual

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Button sewing

When attaching a button to thick fabric, you need to make
a shank by using the button shank plate.
Select "Shank". Lower the feed dog.
Attaching button sewing foot T
Make sure to press the lockout key to lock the machine.
Insert the rear pin of the foot into the rear groove of the
foot holder.
q Rear pin
w Rear groove
Gently lower the presser foot lifter while holding the foot
with your finger to fit the foot. Press the lockout key to
unlock the machine.
Place a button on the fabric and lower the needle into the
left hole of the button by turning the handwheel with your
Insert the button shank plate under the button.
Lower the foot to hold the button in place, aligning the
direction of the button.
e Button shank plate
Raise the needle by turning the handwheel until the
needle bar swings to the right.
Press the "+" or "–" key so the needle enters into the right
hole of the button.
Start sewing and continue until the machine stops
Remove the fabric from the machine.
Cut the all threads leaving at least 10 cm (4˝) tails.
Trim the threads at the beginning close to the fabric.
Pass the needle thread at the end of stitching through the
left hole in the button, between the button and fabric.
Pull the needle thread to bring the bobbin thread up to
the right side of the fabric.
r Needle thread at the end
t Bobbin thread
Wind the threads to form a shank and knot them together.


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