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Programming A Pattern Combination - ELNA eXpressive 860 Instruction Manual

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Programming a Pattern Combination

The patterns in the decorative stitch category and
monograms can be programmed to make a pattern
Press the program key and select as many patterns as
you wish to program.
The images of programmed patterns are shown on the
left side of the visual touch screen.
q Program key
Mirror image of patterns
To sew or program the pattern as a mirror image, press
the vertical mirror key or horizontal mirror key.
Mirror image icon appears on the screen and mirror
image function is enabled.
Select the desired patterns to create the mirror image.
Press the vertical or horizontal mirror image key again to
cancel the mirror image function.
w Vertical mirror key
e Horizontal mirror key
r Vertical mirror icon
t Horizontal mirror icon
y Vertical and horizontal mirror icon
• Horizontal mirror image is available only for specific
patterns. For pattern identification, these patterns
are shaded in blue on the reference chart inside the
top cover.
• Mirror image function will be canceled and mirror
image icon disappear if the selected pattern is not
suitable for the mirror image.
To view the entire pattern combination, press the cursor
key to scroll over the pattern combination or press the edit
box to show the entire pattern combination at a glance.
u Cursor keys
i Edit box
Bridge Stitches
Bridge stitches are used for inserting straight stitches after
a stitch pattern.
If you want more space between French knots (D2), for
example, insert pattern BR5 after pattern D2.
Two counts of straight stitches are added to pattern D2.
Patterns BR5 and BR7 will inherit the stitch length
and needle drop position of the previous pattern in the
pattern combination.


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