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  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Your Elna 8200 embroidery sewing machine is designed and constructed for HOUSEHOLD use only. Read all instructions before using this machine. DANGER – To reduce the risk of electric shock: 1. Your sewing machine should never be left unattended when plugged in. Always unplug the machine from the electrical outlet immediately after using and before cleaning.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Changing the Light Bulb ............................. 47 DESIGN CHART .......................... 48-49 TROUBLESHOOTING ........................50 INDEX ............................51-52 NOTE: Information found in this instruction manual is current at the time of printing. Elna reserves the right to change and update specifications and information as needed...
  • Page 4: Machine Parts And Functions Part Names

    Machine Parts and Functions Part Names 1. Top cover 2. Design chart 3. Spool pin 4. Spool holder, large 5. Bobbin winder cutter 6. Bobbin winder spindle 7. Bobbin winder stop 8. LCD touch screen 9. Start/Stop key 10. Bobbin cover plate release button 11.
  • Page 5: Standard Accessories

    Standard Accessories 1. Bobbins 2. Lint brush 3. Additional spool pin 4. Spool pin felt 5. Spool stand 6. Spool holder (large) 7. Spool holder (small) 8. Scissors 9. Screw key 10. Screwdriver 11. Set of needles 12. Standard hoop – A (with template) 13.
  • Page 6: Extension Table (storage Box)

    Extension Table (Storage Box) Most accessories are stored inside the extension table. To Open: Pull cover towards you. Lift out the packet of accessories. Ferr Arm Remove the extension table to access the free arm. To Remove: Lift out extension table away from the machine, as shown.
  • Page 7: Adjusting The Needle Thread Tension

    Adjusting the Needle Thread Tension Align the number 2 on the tension dial with the setting mark Balanced thread tension: A small portion of needle thread should appear on the underside of the fabric. When adjusting needle thread tension, the higher numbers tighten, the lower numbers loosen.
  • Page 8: Getting Ready To Embroider

    Getting Ready to Embroider Connecting Machine to Power Supply Machine has an auto voltage system and will automatically adjust to any local power supply voltage between 100 and 240V, 50/60 Hz. Always use the power supply cord that came with the machine.
  • Page 9: Start/stop Key

    Press this (green) key to start the machine. When the machine is running, press this (red) key to stop machine. NOTE: The Elna 8200 is equipped with a safety feature that will automatically shut down the machine to prevent overheating if it is running overloaded.
  • Page 10: Lcd Touch Screen

    LCD Touch Screen When the machine is turned on, the design selection window will appear in the LCD touch screen. NOTE: Only a light touch is required when making a selection on the LCD touch screen. Do not touch the surface of the screen with any hard or sharp object, such as pencils, pens, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Page 11: Mode Selection Window Keys

    Mode Selection Window Keys The mode key is displayed in the selection window no matter the category: built-in designs, alphabets, PC design cards or edit. Designs Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Touch the “Mode” key. Edit Mode The mode selection window will open. 1.
  • Page 12: Set Preference Keys

    SET Preference Keys These functions can be set according to your Designs preferences: screen contrast, sound volume, eco Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm mode, inch/mm, adjust key position, set maximum embroidery speed, sewing light, thread selection, format and language. Touch the “Mode” key. Touch the “SET”...
  • Page 13 7. Adjust key positions If the touch keys in the LCD touch screen do Key Position Adjustment not react to your touch, the keys may need to be adjusted or realigned. Maximum Speed Setting Touch the “Yes” key to open the key position adjustment window.
  • Page 14 10. Select thread brand Choose from three popular brands of embroidery thread. The default thread brand is Robinson-Anton®. Touch the key that represents the brand of thread you use most commonly. The color code and name for that brand of thread will be displayed in the LCD screen after selecting a design.
  • Page 15: How To Access On Screen Information

    How to Access On Screen Information The LCD touch screen can show you information Designs for these basic machine operations: changing Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm needles, inserting the bobbin, threading the machine and winding the bobbin. 1. Touch the “Mode” key to open the mode selection window.
  • Page 16: Winding A Bobbin

    Winding a Bobbin To remove bobbin, slide bobbin cover plate release button to the right and lift away the bobbin cover plate Lift out the bobbin . (Always use bobbin type supplied with machine.) Lift up the spool pin. Place the spool of thread on the spool pin with the thread coming off the spool as shown.
  • Page 17 Using both hand, pull thread towards left and insert thread into slit. Pull the thread (dotted line in illustration) around the thread guides following the broken lines indicated on the machine Pass the thread through the hole in the bobbin from inside to the outside.
  • Page 18: Inserting The Bobbin

    Inserting the Bobbin Place the bobbin in the bobbin case with the thread running counterclockwise. Guide the thread into notch on the front side of the bobbin case. Hold the bobbin with your right hand and pull the thread to the left, through the tension spring blades.
  • Page 19: Threading The Machine

    Threading the Machine Raise the presser foot with the presser foot lever. Hand turn the flywheel (always turn towards you) to bring the needle up to its highest position. Using both hands, pull thread towards left and insert thread into slit. firmly insert the thread under the thread guide plate Pull thread foward around guide .
  • Page 20: Built-in Needle Threader

    Built-in Needle Threader Hand turn the flywheel (always turn towards you) to bring the needle up to its highest position. Turn OFF the power switch. Lower the presser foot. Pull down the needle threader lever as far as it will go. Hook is automatically inserted into the needle eye.
  • Page 21: Drawing Up The Bobbin Thread

    Drawing Up the Bobbin Thread Raise the presser foot and hold the needle thread lightly with your left hand. Hand turn the flywheel (always turn towards you) one full revolution. Draw up the needle thread together with a loop of bobbin thread. Pass the needle thread through the embroidery foot.
  • Page 22: Changing Needles

    The gap between the needle and the flat surface should be consistent. NOTE: Use a 75/11 needle for fine fabrics and a 90/14 needle for medium to heavyweight fabrics. Your Elna 8200 comes inserted with a 75/11 needle.
  • Page 23: Embroidery Hoops

    Embroidery Hoops Hoop A The embroidery area is 126mm x 110mm (5" x 4 3/8"). Ideal for sewing many of the built-in designs and designs from optional PC design cards. Hoop B The embroidery area is 140mm x 200mm (5 1/2" x 8"). Use the generous dimensions of this hoop for large size designs or combine several designs or alphabets into one arrangement.
  • Page 24: Templates

    Starting point for built-in and PC design cards. Starting point for alphabets with horizontal placement. Starting point for 100 series EnVision card and for Elna EnVision CE20 and 8007. Boundary edges for built-in and PC design cards. Starting point for alphabets with vertical placement.
  • Page 25 Fit the template into the inner hoop. (L and R markings on the inner hoop should be visible.) Place the inner hoop and template over the fabric, matching the centerlines. Place the outer hoop on a flat surface. Position inner hoop, template and fabric over the outer hoop.
  • Page 26: Attaching Hoop To Carriage

    Attaching Hoop to Carriage Lift up the presser foot. Rotate the hoop turnkey so it lies parallel to the hoop. With the hoop turnkey turned towards the back, slide the hoop from left side of machine. Position the hoop pins into the holes on the carriage.
  • Page 27: Embroidering Small Areas

    Embroidering Small Areas Attach stabilizer (cut larger than embroidery hoop) to small piece of fabric. Draw centerline and place stabilizer in hoop. Sewing Designs How to Select a Built-In Design The built-in designs have been organized by Designs recommended hoop size (A or B) and subject Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm matter (animals, floral, ocean life, etc.).
  • Page 28 Return key Touch this key to close this window and return to the Ready to Sew design selection window. 30 min 5 colors Size 109x84mm A(F): 126x110mm Green Snow Seashell Gray Dust White Edit Mode Jog keys The needle must be aligned directly above the centerlines on the fabric.
  • Page 29: Sewing A Single Built-in Design

    Designs Sewing a Single Built-in Design Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Select a design. Touch “Return” key in the hoop size warning message. Edit Mode Hoop fabric and attach hoop to carriage. Position Ready to Sew needle directly over centerlines on fabric. Thread 30 min 5 colors machine with first thread color.
  • Page 30: Ready To Sew Window After Embroidery Begins

    Ready to Sew Window After Embroidery Ready to Sew Begins 30 min 5 colors Size 109x84mm When you start to sew, the ready to sew window A(F): 126x110mm will change – jog keys disappear and current stitch count , stitch minus/plus keys and return carriage key appear.
  • Page 31: How To Select Alphabets

    Designs How to Select Alphabets Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Choose from five different fonts to create text and monograms Touch the “A~Z” key to open the alphabet selection window. Edit Mode Gothic A(F) Touch the “Font” key Font Edit Mode Select one of the fonts by touching its corresponding key.
  • Page 32 Move Cursor keys Gothic Touch either of these keys to move the cursor (underline). The cursor location allows you to A(F) edit the text. To add a letter, number or punctuation (character), move the cursor until it is under a character. When the new character is selected it will be inserted on the left side of the cursor (underlined character).
  • Page 33: Sewing Alphabets

    Sewing Alphabets Gothic The alphabet selection window should be open. A(F) See page 30. Touch the “Font” key and select the Gothic style. Select “E”. Font Edit Mode Gothic Touch the “Upper/Lower Case” key to select lower case. A(F) Font Edit Mode Gothic...
  • Page 34 Hoop fabric with the centerlines located on left Ready to Sew side. (Remember the start position for horizontal alphabets is on the left side of template. See page 3 min 1 color 23.) Size 43x18mm A(F): 126x110mm Use the Jog keys to position hoop and align needle directly over the centerlines Color...
  • Page 35: Alphabet Corrections

    Alphabet Corrections Gothic Deleting a letter A(F) Example: Delete the “3” from “8300” Gothic Touch the “Move Cursor” keys until the cursor A(F) (underline) is under the 3. Gothic Touch the “Delete” key. The “3” is deleted. A(F) Gothic Inserting a letter Example: Insert “2”...
  • Page 36: Letter Or 3 Letter Monograms

    Gothic 2 Letter or 3 Letter Monograms A(F) Example: 2 letters and frame for crest The alphabet selection window should be open. See page 30. Font Touch the “Font” key and select “2 Letters” key. Edit Mode Letters A(F) Select one of the frames. Font Edit Mode...
  • Page 37: Sewing With Pc Design Cards

    Sewing with PC Design Cards (Optional) Inserting the Card Insert PC design card into slot with front side facing you. Push card in until it clicks and the card eject button pops out. (You should see a red bar on the button.) Designs Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm...
  • Page 38: Edit Window

    Designs Edit Window Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Modify and combine designs to create your unique interpretation of them. Touch the “Edit” key. Edit Mode The hoop selection window opens. Select one of these hoops by touching its corresponding key. B: 140x200mm Standard Hoop A or Optional Hoop F –...
  • Page 39: Selecting A Design After Opening The Edit Window

    Selecting a Design After Opening the Edit Edit Window Size Open the design selection window. Edit Mode Cancel B: 140x200mm Designs Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Select a design. Edit Mode Edit Size The design will appear in the edit window with an outline surrounding it.
  • Page 40 Edit Size key Size Touch this key and the size adjustment window will open. Design size can be changed in 10% increments between 90% and 120% from the original size. Touch the “–” key to decrease the design size. Touch the “+” key to increase the design size. Touch the “OK”...
  • Page 41: Combine A Built-in Design With Alphabet

    Designs Combine a Built-in Design with Alphabet Hoop Size A(F): 126 110mm Example: Built-in design #18 and “Bear” Select design #18 from the built-in design selection window. Touch the “Return” key in the hoop size warning message. Edit Mode Ready to Sew 6 colors 10 min Size...
  • Page 42 Gothic Select the “e”, “a” and “r”. Touch the “OK” key. A(F) Font Edit Mode Position design and text by either dragging or using the move design keys. Touch “OK” key to group everything Edit and open the ready to sew window. Size Touch the “Return”...
  • Page 43: Saving A Design In A File

    Edit Saving a Design in a File (Edit key must be activated) Size Save File key Touch this key if you want to save your unique combination so it can be used in the future. Bear Edit Mode Cancel A(F): 126x110mm Save File (Built-in) The save file window will open.
  • Page 44 BEA R Touch the “OK” key. The file name window will close and the file will be saved with that name. (If you touch the “Cancel” key, the file name window will close without assigning the new file name.) Cancel NOTE: Should you try to save a file under a name that already exists, this warning message will The same file name...
  • Page 45: Opening A Saved File

    Opening a Saved File Mode You can sew any design that has been saved in a file. Touch the “Mode” key. Touch the “Open File” key Open file window will open. Touch the “Built-in/Card” key and select the location of the file directory. Touch the “File Up/Down”...
  • Page 46: Embridery With Optional Free Arm Hoop C

    Embroiderying with Optional Free Arm Hoop C The dimension of the leg or sleeve opening must be large enough to allow the hoop to move freely. Insert the innner hoop of large hoop B into the opening . If the inner hoop cannot be easily inserted, the opening is too narrow for free arm embroidery.
  • Page 47: Taking Care Of Your Machine

    Taking Care of Your Machine The machine is self-lubricating, however, the area around the bobbin and hook must be cleaned each time the machine has had extensive use. Do not dismantle the machine further than explained on these pages. Clean the outside of the machine with a soft cloth and pure soap.
  • Page 48: Replacing The Bobbin Case

    Replacing the Bobbin Case Insert the bobbin case so the knob fits next to the stopper in the hook area. Attach the needle plate and tighten the screw. After cleaning, be sure to replace the needle, presser foot and bobbin. Changing the Light Bulb Turn OFF the power switch.
  • Page 49: Design Chart

    STITCH CHART Built-in designs...
  • Page 50 Gothic Script Cheltenham 3-letters / 2-letters...
  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Cause Condition See page (s) 1. The needle is not threaded properly. Needle thread breaks 2. The needle thread tension is too tight. 3. The needle is bent or blunt. 4. The needle is not inserted correctly. 5. The needle thread and bobbin thread are not set in the thread holder before sewing starts.
  • Page 52: Index

    INDEX Inch Measurements .............. 11 Index Window ............... 14 Accessories ................4 Inner Hoop ..............22, 24 Accessory Storage ..............5 Adjust Key Positions ............. 12 Alphabet Selection Window ..........32 Alphabet Size Key ............... 31 Jog keys ................. 27, 33 Alphabets ................
  • Page 53 Return Key ..............10, 27 Rotate Key ................39 Save File Key ..............31, 42 Saving a File ..............42-43 Screen Contrast ..............11 SET Preference Key ..........10, 11-13 Sewing Light ..............12, 47 Size Key ................39 Size of Design - Dimensions ..........27 Skipping ................

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