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Customizing Machine Settings Embroidery Mode Settings - ELNA eXpressive 860 Instruction Manual

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Embroidery mode settings
Press the embroidery setting mode key (refer to page 76).
q Auto thread tension
The auto thread tension level can be adjusted with the
"+" or "–" key. Increase the value when using the same
threads on the bobbin and needle.
w Low bobbin thread warning
The low bobbin thread warning level can be adjusted with
the "+" or "–" key.
Set the level to 3 or 4 when using thick threads for
stitching lace designs or quilting. To turn this option off,
press the "–" key until "OFF" shows in the window.
Press the next page key to go to the next menu.
e Maximum embroidery speed
The maximum embroidery sewing speed can be set from
400 to 800 spm in 100 spm intervals by pressing the "+"
or "–" key. (Sewing speed can be varied with the speed
control slider even while running the machine.)
Reduce the sewing speed when sewing patterns with
narrow zigzag stitches that tend to warp at high speeds.
r One stitch stop on/off
When this function is turned on, the machine sews one
stitch and stops automatically so that you can bring the
bobbin thread up before sewing.
t Consecutive color grouping on/off
If an imported stitch data file or design files of a pattern
combination contain consecutive sections in the same
color, these sections are automatically grouped together
as one section when opening the file or saving the pattern
combination as the file or going to the ready to sew
window. This function is invalid when combining the built-
in designs and external sourced designs.
Turn this option off if you do not wish to group the
sections together.
Press the next page key to go to the next menu.
y Hoop confirmation on/off
The hoop confirmation message will appear every time
before opening the ready to sew window. However you
can turn this option off by selecting off.
u Hoop calibration
You can calibrate the center position of the hoops.
You need to enter embroidery mode before opening the
embroidery setting window.
Extend the carriage arm and press the YES key.
u-1 YES key
The carriage moves to the center position.
Press the hoop selection key to open the hoop selection
u-2 Hoop selection key
Select the hoop and attach it to the carriage. Set the
template in the hoop. Adjust the hoop position by pressing
the jog keys so that the needle is right above the hole in
the template and press the OK key.
Press the next page key to go to the next menu.


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