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Memory Stick" Media - Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 Operating Instructions Manual

Hd visual communication system.
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"Memory Stick"
Use a "Memory Stick PRO" or "Memory
Stick PRO Duo" for the Visual
Communication System.
Notes on using "Memory Stick"
• When you set the "Memory Stick" erasure
prevention switch to "LOCK", data cannot
be recorded, edited, or deleted.
The position and shape of the write-protect
switch may differ between the various
types of "Memory Stick".
• Do not remove the "Memory Stick" while
it is reading or writing data.
• Data may be damaged if:
–The "Memory Stick" is removed or the
unit is turned off while reading or
–You use the "Memory Stick" in a
location subject to the effects of static
electricity or electric noise.
• We recommend that you back up
important data recorded on the "Memory
• Do not affix anything other than the
supplied label to the "Memory Stick" label
• Affix the label so that it does not stick out
beyond the label area.
• When storing or carrying a "Memory
Stick", keep it in its original case.
• Do not touch the terminal of the "Memory
Stick" with anything, including your
fingers or metallic objects.
• Do not strike, bend, or drop the "Memory
• Do not disassemble or modify the
"Memory Stick".
Label area
• Do not allow the "Memory Stick" to get
• Do not use or store the "Memory Stick" in
locations subject to:
–Extreme heat, such as in a closed car
parked in the sun.
–Direct sunlight.
–Humidity or corrosive substances.
About data
• When you set the "Memory Stick" erasure
prevention switch to "LOCK", data such
as images and mails cannot be recorded,
edited, or deleted. Be sure to unlock the
switch before transferring or copying data
on the unit to the "Memory Stick", or
erasing data on the "Memory Stick".
• We recommend that you make a backup
copy of important data on another
"Memory Stick" or on a hard disk using a
Notes on using "Memory Stick
• Use a pointed object, such as a ballpoint
pen, to move the "Memory Stick Duo"
write-protect switch.
• Do not write forcefully on the "Memory
Stick Duo" memo area.
Memo area
Format that can be displayed with
this unit
The unit can display the picture files
recorded on a "Memory Stick" in the
following format:
• Image files (DCF-compatible)
compressed in the JPEG (Joint
Photographic Experts Group) format
(extension: .jpg)
• Image files of up to 2048 × 1536 pixels.

"Memory Stick" Media



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