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Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 Operating Instructions Manual Page 201

Hd visual communication system.
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A video coding algorithm recommended by
the ISO/IEC based on the H.263+ standard.
Adding some tools provides some
improvement of picture quality compared
with the H.263+ standard. The MPEG4
format is commonly used for personal
computers, cellular phones, etc.
An abbreviation for National TV Standards
Committee. NTSC is the television system
in use in Japan, the United States, etc.
It is not compatible with the PAL system.
An abbreviation for Phase Alternation Line.
PAL is the television system in use in
Europe, China, etc.
It is not compatible with the NTSC system.
P in P
An abbreviation for "Picture in Picture."
This is a function which allows you to
monitor your own party on a small window
on your TV monitor.
An abbreviation for Quality of Service. QoS
reserves a bandwidth for specific
communication in the network and
guarantees a given communication speed.
An acronym for Session Initiation Protocol.
SIP is a communication control protocol
used for Internet telephony, instant
messaging, etc.
An abbreviation for Simple Network
Management Protocol. This protocol is for
management information between the
management station and the managed
terminals. This enables the monitoring of
Sony Communication Systems.
An abbreviation for Service Profile ID.
A technology that allows audio and video
data to be played back as it is downloaded
for real time viewing over a network, such as
the Internet.
An identification number given to devices
sharing a common ISDN line.
Inputting the information data in the TOS
field of the IP address allows the
communication system to judge the packet
transmission priority, etc. It also enables
change of path according to the types of
service (Delay or Size).
Component video that is transmitted with
three signal cables Y, Pb and Pr.


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