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Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 Operating Instructions Manual Page 104

Hd visual communication system.
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Communication Bit Rate
Select the communication bit rate when you select "IP" or "SIP" with
"Line I/F".
Number of Lines
Select the number of the ISDN channels to be used when you select
"ISDN" with "Line I/F".
Auto Dial
Set this item only for the Private Phone Book (page 106). Setting "Auto
Dial" to "On" allows you to automatically dial one of the lists in the Private
Phone Book simply by inserting the "Memory Stick" in which the Private
Phone Book is registered.
Use the V, v, B or b on the Remote Commander to select "Save", then
press the ENTER button.
The settings are registered in the Phone Book.
When a connection with a remote party not registered in the Phone Book is terminated,
you can register this remote party to the Phone Book. In this case, the IP address or line
number is shown in "Index" as the name of the remote party. Modify it if necessary.
To connect to the remote party without using bonding
If the system of the remote party is not equipped with the bonding function,
entering one telephone number does not allow you to connect all the line
numbers used to connect to the remote party. To connect to the remote party
by entering all the ISDN line numbers used, you can set the connection without
using the bonding function of this system.
Set "More Options Enable" to "On" in the Dial setup menu (page 56), select
the More Options button at the lower part of the List Edit menu to open the Dial
setup menu. The A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 text boxes appear in the List Edit
menu. Enter all the telephone numbers for the ISDN lines selected by "Number
of Lines". Up to 6B-channel connection is available when using this method.
When you set "Number of Lines" to "2B", you can connect to the remote party by
selecting "ISDN (2B)" from "Line I/F" in the Detailed Dial menu.
To set up more detailed options
When "More Options Enable" is set to "On" in the Dial setup menu, the More
Options button is shown at the lower part of the List Edit menu.
Select the More Options button with the V, v, B or b button on the Remote
Commander and press the ENTER button to open a menu for more detailed
dial settings. You can change the settings of the desired items.
Registering a Remote Party – Phone Book


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