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HD Visual Communication Systems


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  • Page 1 PCS-XG80/PCS-XG80S HD Visual Communication Systems click:
  • Page 2 Moreover, by using the video annotation function of the PCS-XG80, you can clearly point out specific parts of an image by writing on a tablet. With these outstanding data-sharing tools, you can now minimize misunderstandings during your videoconference.
  • Page 3 FEATURES Reality Intelligence Stunning 1080i High-definition (HD) BrightFace Technology (PCSA-CXG80) Images The PCS-XG80 has a dedicated HD camera (PCSA-CXG80) that adopts the Sony newly The PCS-XG80 adopts the H.264 video codec developed BrightFace technology. This technology to bring you smooth and natural high-definition optimizes the brightness of each pixel to highlight (HD) images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 shadows, while subduing areas of the image that pixels. Stunning HD video enhances your are too bright, allowing operation in less-than-ideal videoconferencing with life-like images. What’s lighting conditions. BrightFace technology can more, the unit can be operated at 720p, 60 frames provide clear images even in dimly lit rooms, for per second, to produce natural video for effective example when using a projector, or in rooms with communication. poor backlighting conditions. (simulated images) With BrightFace Function Superb Audio Quality The PCS-XG80 produces clear and natural stereo sound, using the MPEG-4 AAC compression format. And because the unit has a built-in stereo echo...
  • Page 4 Continuous-presence Mode With Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for High Security Voice Activated Switching Secure videoconferencing over a network is possible because the PCS-XG80 supports 128-bit The PCS-XG80 supports both four-screen and AES encryption. The system’s encryption complies six-screen continuous-presence modes in 720p HD with the ITU-T H.233/H.234/H.235 standards, format, which provides clear images even on the which allows encrypted communication with smaller sub screens. When using voice activated other compliant systems. When the encryption switching in continuous-presence mode, the mode is active, video, audio, and presentation far-end site that is actively speaking is displayed on data are encrypted for the duration of the the largest of the six sub screens. videoconference. In addition, voice activated switching is available when the unit is in full-screen mode. Plus, of course, fixed-site videoconferencing is available as well. Technical Note – Intelligent QoS Functions Sony has implemented a number of QoS functions in all of its currently available visual...
  • Page 5 Usability “One-touch Dialing” With Newly Designed RF Remote Commander Unit Video Annotation Function For user convenience, the PCS-XG80 adopts a newly designed RF Remote Commander unit that does For effective communication, the PCS-XG80 video not have to be pointed directly towards the system. What’s more, the PCS-XG80 has a convenient annotation function is available. Conference participants can clearly point out specific one-touch dialing feature, which allows you to easily connect to any of your registered contacts parts of shared data, including live images and presentation data, by simply writing on a tablet. by just pushing a function button on the RF Remote This function can help you minimize time and effort Commander unit that corresponds to a thumbnail in your communications, and allow you to deliver a image on the GUI. Up to four contacts for one- clear and strong message. touch dialing can be shown on the “home menu” from a maximum of 1000 registered contacts. "One-touch Dialing" With Newly Designed RF Remote Commander Unit (simulated image) Single Cable Connection With HDMI With the supplied HDMI cable, the PCS-XG80 can be connected to an HDMI-equipped display. This...
  • Page 6 Other FeAtureS Backward Compatibility With SD Systems • Memory Stick recording – video/presentation ® data (including annotations) and audio can be Since the PCS-XG80 is backward compatible with recorded for later review legacy SD systems, you can seamlessly integrate • Presentation data can be sent as a single stream the system to your existing standard-definition by selecting the RGB input. videoconferencing environment. This enables you • Built-in streaming function for multicasting to to migrate from SD to HD at your own pace, with large audiences minimal upfront investment. • Support for IPv6 • Support for H. 460 Firewall Traversal Compact and Stylish Design Suitable • Up to 100 camera preset positions can be stored, for a Variety of Meeting Rooms each with a thumbnail image for easy recall. With its compact and stylish design, the PCS-XG80 Requires optional software. These functions are available fits neatly into boardrooms, medium- and small- except when using the 1080i or 720/60p video formats.
  • Page 7: Optional Accessories

    BRC-H700 BRC-Z700 PCS-A1 1/3-Type CMOS HD Camera 1/3-Type CMOS HD Camera 1/3-Type 3CCD HD Camera 1/4-Type 3CMOS HD Camera Omnidirectional Microphone (PCSA-CXG80 is supplied with (Two PCS-A1 mics are supplied the PCS-XG80) with the PCS-XG80) PCSA-MCG80 HD MCU Software PCSA-A3 PCSA-DSG80 PCSA-A7P4 PCSA-B768S PCSA-B384S Unidirectional Microphone HD Data Solution Software...
  • Page 8 Power Consumption (stand-by) 10 W (codec only)/15 W (with PCSA-CXG80, PCSA-A7P4, PCSA-B768S) Dimensions (W x H x D) 11 1/8 x 2 1/4 (including rubber feet) x 9 5/8 inches (282 x 56 x 244 mm), excl. projections Weight Approx. 4 lb 14 oz (2.2 kg) Supplied Accessories AC adapter, HDMI cable (3m), RF Remote Commander ® Unit, Batteries for Remote Commander ® unit x 2, CD-ROM (Operating instructions, Before using this unit, Connection sheet, Quick dial guide), Before using this unit, Connection sheet, Quick dial guide, Important notice regarding software, Warranty booklet ©2009 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Features and specifications are as of software version 2.0, and subject to change without notice. All non-metric weights and measurements are approximate. Sony Electronics Inc. Sony, IPELA, BrightFace, Remote Commander, Intelligent QoS, Real-time ARQ, VISCA and 1 Sony Drive Memory Stick are trademarks of Sony. Park Ridge, NJ 07656 click: VC- 0174-B (MK10473V4) Printed in USA (1/09)

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