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Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 Operating Instructions Manual Page 103

Hd visual communication system.
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Set the items in the List Edit menu.
Enter the name of a remote party in the Index text box. You can use up to
39 letter and number characters.
Group Select
Select the group set in the Phone Book.
Dial to:
Enter the IP address or line number of a remote party depending on the line
interface you select.
When you select "IP" from "Line I/F": Enter the remote party's IP
address. Enter the host name and domain name (ex. host.domain) when
using the DNS server, or enter the party's user name and user number
when using the gatekeeper (page 64).
When you select "ISDN" from "Line I/F": Enter the remote party's
telephone number. If you register the sub-address in the Phone Book,
enter an asterisk between the line number and sub-address. The sub-
address can only be composed of numbers.
When "More Options" is set to "On" in the Dial setup menu (page 56),
six line input text boxes, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, are displayed. Be
sure to enter the remote party's number to the A1 text box.
When you select "SIP" from "Line I/F": Enter the address of a remote
party or the number assigned by the SIP server.
The format of the address is the following:
• 4000 (number assigned by the SIP server)
• (when the IP address and SIP server are not used)
Select the icon or a still image stored on a "Memory Stick" to be displayed
on the Phone Book.
Press the V, v, B or b button on the Remote Commander to select the icon
or a still image, then press the ENTER button.
You cannot select a still image unless a "Memory Stick" in which still images are
stored is inserted.
One-Touch Dial Specified
Select whether to display the one-touch dial buttons in the Home menu.
Assign the F1, F2, F3 or F4 function button on the Remote Commander to
each one-touch dial button.
Line I/F
Select the line interface you are using to connect to a remote party. Select
from among IP, ISDN, TEL and SIP. Selecting any interface switches the
setting items in the List Edit menu.
Registering a Remote Party – Phone Book


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