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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Option Boards/memory; About Option Boards And Memory

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Option boards/memory

Please read this before you begin
Safety precautions
• When installing, repairing, or replacing the parts of this
product, you must perform only those actions that the
owner's manual directs, and no other.
• Do not apply excessive force to the electronic
components or connectors of the circuit board(s), or
attempt to disassemble them. This could cause electric
shock, fire, or malfunction.
• Before installing this product, be sure to disconnect the
power supply cable, and the connecting cables to any
peripheral devices. Failure to do so could cause
electrical shock or may damage this device.
• Do not allow this product to become wet, and do not
allow objects to be placed on top of it. Doing so could
cause malfunction.
• Before touching this product, touch a metal component
of the device into which it will be installed, to discharge
any static electricity that may be present in your body.
Static electricity may damage the electronic components.
• When handing this product, be careful not to touch the
leads on the back side of the circuit board (the side
opposite that on which the components are mounted).
The sharp points may cause injury.
• When installing this product, never touch components
or circuit boards that are not related to the connections
you are required to make. Doing so may cause
electrocution or malfunctions.
• When installing this product, be careful not to cut your
hands on the sharp edges of the metal brackets etc. of
this product or of the device into which it is being
• When installing this product, be careful that screws or
other parts do not fall into the device into which it is
being installed.
Korg Inc. takes no responsibility for any malfunctions or
damage that may occur from improper use or modifica-
tion of this product. Nor will Korg Inc. be responsible for
any damages resulting from the loss or destruction of
About option boards and memory
By installing option boards or memory into your TRITON,
you can expand its functionality. The following four types of
expansion are possible.
EXB-MOSS (DSP synthesizer board)
This adds to the TRITON a MOSS tone generator that pro-
vides thirteen oscillator algorithms, including Standard,
Ring Modulation, VPM, Resonance, Organ Model, and Elec-
tric Piano Model. This lets you use the MOSS tone generator
in program, combination, sequence, or song play modes.
The MOSS tone generator has six-note polyphony.
EXB-SCSI (SCSI interface board)
This adds a SCSI connector to the TRITON. In the same way
that you save programs, combinations, sequence data and
sample data etc. from the TRITON to a floppy disk, you can
save/load this data to/from an external SCSI high-capacity
storage device (hard disk, ZIP disk, JAZ disk). This also
allows you to load Akai (S1000/S3000), Korg, AIFF, and
WAVE format sample files etc. from a CD-ROM drive.
This format cannot be executed for media that is not 512
bytes/block (such as 640 MB MO disks etc.).
CD-ROM formats that can be loaded
• AKAI (S1000/S3000) format
• ISO9660 Level 1 format
• TRINITY format (only .KSC/.KMP/.KSF files can be
EXB-PCM series (PCM expansion boards)
Each of these boards adds 16 Mbytes of multisamples and
drum samples to the TRITON. (The details will differ
according to the series.)
EXB-PCM01 This board concentrates on stereo piano and
vintage keyboard sounds.
EXB-PCM02 This board provides sounds that are fre-
quently used in pop music, such as stereo
strings, stereo brass, and choir.
DRAM SIMM (sample data memory modules)
These can be used as sample data memory. Up to two 72-pin
DRAM SIMM (either 16 Mbyte or 32 Mbyte) modules can be
installed, providing a maximum of 64 Mbytes. ( "Caution
when purchasing DRAM SIMM modules")
DRAM SIMM boards are not a manufacturer option.
Please purchase commercially-available boards that are
sold for use in computers.
In order to achieve the maximum 64 Mbyte capacity,
you will need to remove the 16 Mbyte DRAM SIMM
that is standard, and install two 32 Mbyte DRAM SIMM
The memory banks and sampling time will depend on
the capacity of the DRAM SIMM boards you install,
and on the slot locations. ( p.81)
* As of April 1999


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