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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Song Play P7: Arpeggiator; 7-1: Setup 1-8 (setup T01-08); 7-2: Setup 9-16 (setup T09-16)

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3–1: Page Menu Command
3–1A: Load Jukebox List
This command loads the jukebox list that you wish to use.
1 In the directory window, select a jukebox list file (file-
name extension .JKB), and then select this command.
The following dialog box will appear.
2 To load the jukebox list, press the OK button. To cancel,
press the Cancel button.
3–1B: Save Jukebox List
This command saves the jukebox list you created as a file.
1 Create a jukebox list, and then select this command to
open the following dialog box.
2 Press the text edit button to move to the text edit dialog
box, and input a filename.
3 To save the jukebox list, press the OK button. To cancel,
press the Cancel button.
When you press the OK button, the jukebox list file will
be saved on the media that is selected in drive select.
Here you can make arpeggiator settings for use in Song Play
mode. By assigning the arpeggiator(s) to the play track, you
can produce arpeggios in synchronization with the SMF
data that is being played back.
If you assign arpeggiators A and B to two different tracks,
you can switch play tracks to switch arpeggiators. While
you perform, you can also modify the arpeggio pattern or
parameters, and operate the [GATE] and [VELOCITY]
The arpeggiator can be synchronized to the start of SMF
• Turn on the arpeggiator and press the [START/STOP]
• If you press the [START/STOP] key, and both the SMF
7–1: Setup 1–8
7–2: Setup 9–16
7–1(2)a: Arpeggiator Assign, Arpeggiator Run
Arpeggiator Assign
When the front panel ARPEGGIATOR [ON/OFF] key is on,
the arpeggiator(s) will function according to the "Arpeggia-
tor Run A, B" settings and the settings of each track.
Off: The arpeggiator will not operate.
A: Arpeggio A will operate. In the Arpeggiator A tab you
can select the arpeggio pattern and set the parameters.
B: Arpeggio B will operate. In the Arpeggiator B tab you can
select the arpeggio pattern and set the parameters.
Select either arpeggiator A or B for the play track that you
will be playing manually along with the SMF playback. If
you select an arpeggiator for two or more tracks, the arpeg-
giator will sound all the tracks to which it is assigned.
As another possibility, you can assign arpeggiator A and B
to two tracks, select one track as the play track to be con-
trolled from the keyboard, and control the other track from
an external MIDI device connected to MIDI IN.

Song Play P7: Arpeggiator

key, and the arpeggiator will synchronize with the
playback timing of the SMF.
playback and the arpeggiator will stop. If you wish to
stop only the arpeggiator, turn off the ARPEGGIATOR
[ON/OFF] key.
(Setup T01–08)
(Setup T09–16)
. .
[Off, A, B]


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