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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Program P9: Edit-master Effect; 9-1: Master Fx

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Program P9: Edit-Master Effect

For details on the master effects, refer to p.150 "8. Effect
9–1: Master FX
Here you can select the master effect types, switch them on/
off, specify chaining, and set the master EQ.
9–1a: Master FX (Master Effect)
The master effects do not output the direct sound (Dry). The
return level ("Return") sends the effect sound (Wet) to the L
and R bus, and this is mixed with the direct sound (i.e., the
output from P8: Routing tab "BUS Select" L/R, or the L/R
output from Insert FX tab "BUS Select").
The master effects are monaural input. The sound that is
panned to L and R after passing through the oscillator and
insert effects is mixed to a monaural signal as adjusted by
the "Send 1" and "Send 2" levels, and input to the master
The master effects are mono-in stereo-out. Even when
a stereo-input type effect is selected, the input will be
MFX1 Effect Select
Select the effect type for master effect 1. You can select from
90 types of effect: 000: No Effect–089: Reverb-Gate. (Dou-
ble-size effects cannot be selected.) If 000: No Effect is
selected, the output from the master effect will be muted.
Category/MFX Select
When you press the popup button, a "Category/MFX
Select" menu will appear. Press a tab to select the desired
category of effect, and select an effect from the list. Press the
OK button to execute, or press the Cancel button to cancel.
ON/OFF (Master Effect On/Off)
Switch master effect 1 on/off. When off, the output will be
muted. This will alternate on/off each time it is pressed.
MFX2 Effect Select
Select the effect type for master effect 2 ( "MFX1 Effect
Switch master effect 2 on/off. Refer to the above explanation
of "ON/OFF." MFX2 can also be turned on/off by control
change #95.
9–1b: Chain
Checked: Chain (series connection) will be turned on for
MFX1 and MFX2.
Chain Direction
Specify the direction of the connection when MFX1 and
MFX2 are chained.
MFX1→MFX2: Connect from MFX1 to MFX2.
MFX2→MFX1: Connect from MFX2 to MFX1.
Chain Signal
When chain is On, this parameter specifies how the stereo
output signal of the first master effect will be connected to
the input (mono) of the next master effect.
L/R Mix: The stereo output L/R of the first master effect will
be mixed before being input to the next master effect.
L Only, R only: Only the left or right channel of the output
will be input to the next master effect.
Chain Level
When chain is On, this sets the level at which the sound is
sent from the first master effect to the next master effect.
[000...089: name]
9–1c: Return Level
Return 1
Return 2
Adjust the return levels from the master effects to the L/R
bus (main output L/MONO, R).
9–1d: Master EQ Gain [dB]
Set the gain for the three-band EQ located immediately
before the sound of the L/R bus is sent from the AUDIO
OUTPUT (MAIN OUT) L/MONO and R jacks. This is
linked with the various "Gain" parameters of Master EQ (9–
The cutoff frequency for "Low," "Mid" and "High" and the
"Q" of "Mid" can be adjusted in the Master EQ tab. These
settings are in "dB" units.
Separately from this setting, you can use CC#94 to
switch this on/off. A value of 0 will be off, and a value
of 1–127 will be the original setting. This is controlled
on the global MIDI channel "MIDI Channel" (Global
P1: 1–1a).
[LR Mix, L Only, R Only]
[000...089: name]


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