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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Sequencer P3: Midi Filter; 3-1: Midi 1 1-8 (midi Filter -1 T01-08); 3-2: Midi 1 9-16 (midi Filter -1 T09-16)

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2–7(8)b: Use Program's Scale
Each track can use the scale that is specified for the program
by "Scale" (Program P1: 1–1c).
Checked: The scale of the program will be used.
Unchecked: The scale specified by "Scale" (2–7c) will be
2–7c: Scale
Specify the scale that will be used for the song.
[Equal Temperament...User Octave Scale15]
Select the type of scale ( "Type" Program P1: 1–1c).
Key (Scale Key)
Select the tonic key of the selected scale ( "Key" Program
P1: 1–1c).
As this value is increased, an increasingly random devia-
tion will be added to the pitch at each note-on ( "Random"
Program P1: 1–1c).

Sequencer P3: MIDI Filter

Here you can select whether or not to apply filtering to the
MIDI data received by tracks 1–16. For example even if two
tracks are receiving the same MIDI channels, one can be
made to respond to damper pedal activity while the other
does not.
These MIDI filter settings have no effect on the MIDI
messages that have already been recorded.
These MIDI filter settings do not affect the transmission
of MIDI messages that have already been recorded.
These settings affect the MIDI messages that are trans-
mitted when you adjust program, pan, volume, porta-
mento and send 1/2 parameters of a track whose
"Status" (2–1a, 2a) is set to BTH, EXT, or EX2.
Checked: Reception of MIDI data is enabled. Tracks whose
"Status" (2–1a) is INT or BTH will receive MIDI messages
whose channel matches and whose types are checked. The
types of effect that are checked will be applied to the pro-
gram of each track when the TRITON's controllers are oper-
ated or when MIDI data is received. (The effect dynamic
modulation function is not affected by these settings.) Set-
tings that regulate MIDI transmission/reception of the TRI-
TON itself are made in "MIDI Filter" (Global P1: 1–1b).
If the user-assignable controllers that can be filtered in the
MIDI 3 and MIDI 4 tabs are set to MIDI control changes, fil-
tering will be performed for these control changes. In this
case, any control change filtering that is being performed in
the MIDI 1 and MIDI 2 tabs will be given priority. Further-
more, if the same control change is assigned to multiple con-
trollers for which there are filter settings in the MIDI 3 and 4
tabs, checking any one of these will enable that control
Unchecked: Reception of MIDI data is disabled.
3–1: MIDI 1 1–8
3–2: MIDI 1 9–16
3–1(2)a: Enable Program Change, Enable After
Touch, Enable Damper, Enable Portamento
Enable Program Change
Specify whether or not MIDI program change messages will
be received.
(MIDI Filter –1 T01–08)
(MIDI Filter –1 T09–16)


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