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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Song Play Mode; Song Play P0: Program/mix; 0-1: Prog. 1-8 (program T01-08); 0-2: Prog. 9-16 (program T09-16)

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In Song Play mode you can load Standard MIDI Files (SMF)
from floppy disk or external SCSI device, and play them
directly as they are being loaded. A jukebox function is pro-
vided to playback these SMF files in any order you specify.
You can also use the arpeggiator or realtime controllers dur-
ing playback. In Song Play mode you can playback SMF
data and make related settings.
The TRITON is able to playback SMF format 0 or format 1

Song Play P0: Program/Mix

0–1: Prog. 1–8
(Program T01–08)
0–2: Prog. 9–16
(Program T09–16)
Here you can make settings for SMF playback, and make
basic settings such as selecting the program for each track.
0–1a: Location
This is the current location of the SMF. From the left, this is
the measure, beat, and clock. Modifying these values will
change the current location.
When you change the location, a Song Position Pointer
message will be transmitted.
0–1b: Meter
This indicates the time signature at the current location of
the SMF.
Specify the playback tempo of the SMF.
In Song Play mode, this tempo will be used regardless of the
"MIDI Clock" setting (Global P1: 1–1a).
0–1d: Jukebox
Checked: SMF files in the jukebox list will be played back in
succession. You will also check this when you wish to create
a jukebox list. In the Jump menu (displayed when you press
the [MENU] key), press the Jukebox button, select the P3:
Jukebox, and create the list.

5. Song Play mode

0–1e: File (File select)
From a floppy disk, select the SMF that you wish to play
You can select SMF files from the currently selected direc-
tory. If you wish to select from another directory, use the P3:
Select Directory to select the directory.
When "Jukebox" (0–1d) is checked, you can select SMF files
from the jukebox list in the P3: Jukebox.
This parameter will not be displayed if there are no SMF
files in the directory, or if no SMF files have been registered
in the jukebox list.
0–1f: Name
This displays the song name of the selected SMF.
0–1g: Play Track Select
Select the track (channel) that will sound when you play the
keyboard. The bank number, program number, and name of
the program selected for the play track will be displayed.
In Song Play mode, MIDI channels 1–16 correspond to
tracks 1–16.
0–1h: Selected Track Information
This area displays information on the track (1–16) currently
selected for editing.
T (Track) No.: Bank No.: Prog No. and name
This displays the track number, and the bank, number and
name of the program selected for that track.
This displays the MIDI channel number of the track.
0–1i: Program T01...08
0–2i: Program T09...16
Category (Category Name)
The program used by each track can be selected by category.
When you press the popup button, the Category/Track Pro-
gram menu ( Program P0: Category/Program Select 0–1a)
will appear, allowing you to select programs by category.
This is convenient when you wish to search for programs in
a specific category, or to select a different program from the
same category.
[A...F/0...127, G...g(d)/1...128]
Select the program that will be used by the track.
When you press the popup button, the Bank/Track Program
menu ( Program P0: 0–1a) will appear, allowing you to
select programs by bank. When this edit cell is selected, you
can use the front panel [BANK] keys, numeric keys,
[VALUE] dial, [VALUE] slider, or [
program. At this time, the [BANK] key LED's will light to
indicate the selected bank.
When "Status" (1–1a, 2a) is INT or BTH, programs can
be selected by receiving MIDI program change mes-
sages. Tracks 1–16 will be controlled by MIDI channels
1–16 respectively.
[00...15: name]
] [
] keys to select a


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