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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Combination Mode; Combination P0: Play; 0-1: Prog. Select (program Select)

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Combination P0: Play

In this display page you can select and play Combinations.
0–1: Prog. Select
(Program Select)
0–1a: Bank, 10's Hold, Category, Combination
This is the Combination bank display.
Use the front panel BANK [A]–[D] keys to select the bank.
On the TRITON, there are a total of 512 combination pro-
grams in four rewritable banks (A, B, C, D), each containing
128 combinations.
A, B
for preset combinations
C, D
(for preset combinations, and EXB-PCM series combi-
If you have selected the "Bank/Program" edit cell for a
timbre 1–8 in the Prog. Select tab, BANK [A]–[D] will
switch the program banks for timbres 1–8.
10's Hold
When you press the front panel [./10's HOLD] key, the dis-
play will indicate
, and the ten's place of the combination
number will be fixed. By pressing a numeric key [0]–[9], you
can change the one's place in one keystroke. Use the [
and [
] keys to change the 10's place.
To exit, press the [./10's HOLD] key once again.
Category (Combination Category)
This is the combination category display.
You can select combinations by category. Press the popup
button, and the "Category/Combination Select" menu will
Category/Combination Select menu:
The combinations of all banks can be organized using up to
16 categories. Use the tabs located at left and right to select a
category, and the combinations in the specified category will

2. Combination mode

[Bank A...D]
[00...15: name]
appear. Press the OK button to execute, or press the Cancel
button to cancel your selection.
The category for each combination can be specified in the
"Write Combination" dialog box.
Combination Number: name
This is the number and name of the combination.
Here you can select the desired combination. When this
parameter is selected, you can select combinations using the
front panel numeric keys [0]–[9], [VALUE] dial, or [
When you press the popup button, the "Bank/Combination
Select" menu will appear. This displays combinations by
bank, and allows you to select a combination.
For details on other ways to select combinations such as
using a foot switch or by using MIDI program change mes-
sages from an external MIDI device, refer to p.125, 114 in the
Basic Guide.
Bank/Combination Select menu:
All combinations are grouped and displayed by their bank.
When you use the tabs at left to select a bank, the combina-
tions in the selected bank will appear. Press the OK button
to execute, or press the Cancel button to cancel your selec-
(Arpeggiator Tempo)
This sets the tempo of the arpeggiator. The tempo can also
be adjusted by the front panel ARPEGGIATOR [TEMPO]
knob. A display of EXT indicates that the "MIDI Clock" set-
ting (Global P1: 1–1a) has been set to External MIDI or
External PCI/F, and that the arpeggiator will synchronize to
MIDI Clock messages received from an external MIDI
0–1c: Selected Timbre Information
This shows information on the timbre (1–8) that is currently
selected for editing.
T (Timbre)
[No.: Bank No., Prog No. and name]
This shows the timbre number, and the program bank, num-
ber and name selected for that timbre.
This is the MIDI channel number specified for the timbre.
0–1d: Timbre Number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
This is the timbre number.
[0...127: name]
] [
[040...240, EXT]
[01...16, Gch]


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