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• Incredible sound: Up to 120 note polyphony, 48MB
of waveform ROM (including a new 16MB velocity-
switched stereo piano sample), expandable to 256
MB with up to seven EXB-PCM expansion boards,
plus EXB-MOSS DSP synthesis board.
• 1280 onboard sounds, expandable to 3584.
• TouchView graphic interface makes navigation a
breeze, and the new ultra-powerful processor is
six times faster than TRITON "classic" and twice
as powerful as Karma!
• World -class Effects: 102 algorithms, 5 inserts, 2
masters include sync-able effects, 3-Band EQ.
• Open Sampling System allows sampling and
resampling in all modes: 16 MB Sample RAM
(expandable to 96 MB), 48kHz sampling rate, with
Time Slicing / Stretching, Cross-fade Looping,
Sampling/Resampling through all insert and
master effects, "Ripping" audio from CD, and
resampling entire songs to internal HD as WAV
Making connections, Loading the preload data, Listening to demo songs
Selecting and playing Programs and Combinations
Arpeggiator mode
Sequence mode
Sampling mode
Sampling in Program, Combi and Sequence modes / In-Track Sampling
Resampling as a WAV file / Creating an audio CD
Ripping audio from a CD / Important Owner's Manual references
• Easy and creative Sequencing: 16 Tracks,
• In-Track sampling allows sampling direct to
• Dual polyphonic Arpeggiators, 507 User
• Plenty of storage: Internal 5GB hard drive, floppy
• 6 outputs allow routing of any sound to any
• S/PDIF digital I/O 48kHz and compatible
• Optional 6-channel EXB-DI ADAT optical output
200,000 events, with Cue List and RPPR
functions, shortcuts like Song Templates, preset
rhythm patterns, independent track-looping.
sequencer as MIDI events –sample direct to
internal hard drive as longer samples for ext.
computer editing or audio CD burning!
locations, sync-able to MIDI clock.
drive, SCSI, and optional CDRW1x8 internal
output or stereo pair with any effects!
and EXB-mLAN 6-channel digital audio/MIDI I/O


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   Summary of Contents for Korg TRITON STUDIO

  • Page 1

    EasyStart TRITON STUDIO Main Features • Easy and creative Sequencing: 16 Tracks, • Incredible sound: Up to 120 note polyphony, 48MB 200,000 events, with Cue List and RPPR of waveform ROM (including a new 16MB velocity- functions, shortcuts like Song Templates, preset switched stereo piano sample), expandable to 256 rhythm patterns, independent track-looping.

  • Page 2

    “PRELOAD”. In-Store Note: When you power off the TRITON STUDIO, loaded demo songs/samples will be erased from memory. For sales presentations, make sure to reload the demos each morning using the following procedure! Make sure to backup any of your own internal songs/sounds to the internal hard drive or floppy drive before proceeding! Press the [DISK] key.

  • Page 3: Selecting And Playing Programs And Combinations

    Press the OK button when you want to access the play and edit mode pages of the selected sound. Work with these great TRITON STUDIO Programs and Combinations: NEW!! Program C001 and Combination A000 showcase the new 16MB velocity-switched stereo grand piano sample, with up to 60 voices of this piano’s polyphony available in addition to 60 voices of the great Triton waveforms!

  • Page 4: Arpeggiator Mode

    TRITON STUDIO Easy Start Arpeggiator mode TRITON has dual polyphonic arpeggiators, fully editable and syncable to MIDI clock. One program uses one arpeggio pattern - Combi or Sequence modes can use up to two arpeggio patterns at once. Programs have an arpeggio pattern assigned to them even if the Arpeggiator [ON/OFF] key does not “wake up” in the ON position.

  • Page 5: Sequence Mode

    The Send1 and Send2 rows govern how much an Insert Effect is being fed to the Master Effects Click on one of the popups in the Insert Effects row: Just like the TRITON STUDIO’s sounds, effects are arranged in categories Press...

  • Page 6: Sampling Mode

    Sampling mode The TRITON STUDIO samples at 48kHz, 16-bit, in mono or stereo. With the provided 16 MB, the TRITON STUDIO is capable of recording samples of up to 174 seconds @ mono, or 87 seconds @ stereo. Fully expanded with SIMM modules to 96 MB, it allows about 17.4 mono minutes or 8.6 stereo minutes of sampling.

  • Page 7: Sampling Mode

    New!! In-Track Sampling in Sequence mode TRITON STUDIO allows an external audio input (a guitar or mic for example) to easily be sampled and assigned a trigger note to an empty sequence track in order to play back at the correct location. The following example shows the procedure utilizing the mic you’ve previously connected to Audio Input 1.

  • Page 8

    NEW!! Resampling your entire performance as a WAV file to the internal hard disk TRITON STUDIO lets you easily resample the above performance (sequence and all in-track samples) as a WAV file to the internal hard drive, or via SCSI to an external drive. A maximum of 80 minutes can be written in one operation! With the CDRW-1 option, the WAV files you’ve re-sampled can be burned to an audio CD! (See the Getting Started...

  • Page 9

    TRITON STUDIO Easy Start See the TRITON STUDIO Getting Started Guide, pp. 116-117 for more information. NEW!! Ripping audio from a CD Digital data from an audio CD in the CDRW-1 option can be imported as sample data in the digital domain. This process is known as “ripping”.

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