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0–1: Load
Here you can load a selected file or directory into internal
Use the Open button and Up button to select the desired
file or directory. Then use the "Load selected" (0–1C) page
menu command to select and load the data.
0–1a: Current directory
The directory currently selected for processing is referred to
as the "current directory."
The LCD screen will show the full path name of the direc-
tory. A slash "/" character is used as the delimiter between
directory levels. To change the current directory, use the
"Open" button and "Up" button (0–1d).
0–1b: Directory window
Directory window
File information for the current directory is shown here.
You can select a file or directory in this window.
b1: File/icon
The icon indicates the type of file.
For details on icons, p.131.
b2: File name
This is the name of the file (DOS file).
If the page menu command "Translation" (0–1B) is turned
on, the DOS filename of a .KMP (Korg multisample parame-
ter) file or .KSF (Korg sample) file that is loaded will be
replaced in the display by the multisample name or sample
name that you specified in Sampling mode.
b3: Size
This is the size of the file (in bytes).
Save date and time
This shows the date and time when the file was saved. From
the left, this is shown as day, month, year, hours, minutes
and seconds.
However since the TRITON does not contain an internal cal-
endar or clock, you must use "Set Date/Time" (0–3E) to set
the date and time before saving the file.
0–1c: Drive select
Select the device (floppy disk or hard disk etc.) that will be
used for loading and saving.
The volume label assigned to the media will be displayed.
For media that has no volume label, the display will indicate
"no label." For unformatted media, the display will indicate
If the EXB-SCSI option is not installed, only the floppy disk
can be selected.
0–1d: Open button, Up button
Open button
When you press the Open button, the directory will open,
and the current directory will move one level downward.
This can be used when a directory has been selected in the
directory window.
Up button
When you press the Up button, the directory will move one
level upward.
0–1: Page Menu Command
0–1A: Hide unknown files (check command)
Checked: Undefined files will not be displayed in the direc-
tory window. However, this is valid only if the current direc-
tory is a DOS directory.
0–1B: Translation (check command)
Checked: The multisample names and sample names used
in Sampling mode will be displayed instead of the DOS file-
names, a .KMP (Korg Multisample Parameter) and .KSF
(Korg Sample File).
0–1C: Load selected
This command loads the file or directory that was selected in
the "directory window" (0–1b).
The dialog box that appears when you select this command
will differ depending on the file from which you are loading
1) Load .PCG:
All data in the .PCG file will be loaded.
1 If the current directory contains a .SNG file or .KSC file of
the identical name, "Load ******** .SNG too" and "Load
******** .KSC too" check boxes will allow you to select this
data if desired.
• If you check "Load ******** .SNG too," the .SNG file of
the same name as the .PCG file will also be loaded.
• If you check "Load ******** .KSC too," the .KSC file of
the same name as the .PCG file will also be loaded.
2 "Select .KSC Allocation" is valid if "Load ******** .KSC
too" has been checked. You can specify how the multi-
samples and samples in the .KSC file will be loaded.
Append: Samples will be loaded starting at the first
unoccupied number following the last multisample or
sample that currently exists in memory (i.e., by having
been sampled or loaded). At this time, only the valid
multisamples or samples will be loaded, and they will be
organized in numerical order. (See diagram on the next
selected icon


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