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Korg TRITON proX Manual: Global P5: Drum Kit; 5-1: Sample Setup

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Global P5: Drum Kit

Here you can create a drum kit by assigning a drum instru-
ment (drum sample) to each key.
A drum kit you edit here can be selected in Program mode
P1: Edit Basic "Drum Kit" (when "Oscillator Mode" is
Drums) as an oscillator, and processed through the filter,
amp and effects in the same way as a "multisample" (when
"Oscillator Mode" is Single or Double).
When you wish to edit a drum kit, enter Program mode,
select a program that uses a drum kit (i.e., whose "Oscillator
Mode" is Drums), and then move to this page. A program
that uses a drum kit will already have filter, amp, and effect
settings etc. suitable for drum sounds. (Programs in the sep-
arate Voice Name List that use a drum kit are indicated by a
Even if a program with an "Oscillator Mode" of Single or
Double is selected in Program mode, the program will
sound using its own filter and amp settings etc. Effects will
sound according to the settings of the program you selected.
You must set "Octave" (Program P1: 1–2a) to +0[8']. With
any setting other than +0[8'], the key locations and drum
sounds will not correspond correctly.
If "Enable Exclusive" (2–1a) is checked, the drum kit
can be edited using exclusive data.
When a drum kit is edited, all programs that use that
drum kit will be affected.
If you want the edited drum kit settings to be backed
up after you turn off the power, you must write them
into memory.
Select the "Write Drum Kits" page menu command to
access the Write Drum Kits dialog box, or press the
front panel [REC/WRITE] key to access the Update
Drum Kits dialog box, and press the OK button to
write the edited settings.
For details on creating a drum kit, refer to p.90 in the Basic
5–1: Sample Setup
Here you can select a drum kit, assign High and Low drum
samples to each key, and set parameters for the High and
Low drum samples.
5–1a: Drum Kit, KeySelect, Assign, Velocity Sample
Drum Kit
Select the drum kit that you wish to edit.
If you wish to modify the drum kit name, use the "Rename
Drum Kit" page menu command.
00 (A/B)...15 (A/B)
16 (C)...31 (C)
32 (D)...47 (D)
48 (User)...63 (User) (for user drum kits)
KEY (Key Select)
Select the key to assign a drum sample (and its settings).
You can also select a key by holding down the [ENTER] key
and playing a note on the keyboard.
The key assigned here will be the subject of all parameters in
the Sample Setup tab "Velocity Sample SW Lo→Hi," High
Drumsample, Low Drumsample, Voice/mixer tab Voice
Assign Mode, and Mixer.
Two drum samples, High and Low, can be assigned to each
key, and you can switch between them by velocity as you
Checked: The drum samples you assigned for "High Drum-
sample" and "Low Drumsample" will sound. Normally you
will check this parameter.
Unchecked: The selected drumsamples will be invalid, and
the drum samples of the key to the right will sound. At this
time, the pitch will be a semitone lower than the pitch of the
key to the right. Uncheck this parameter when you wish to
play a drumsample at differing pitches.
Velocity Sample SW Lo→Hi
Specify the velocity value at which you will switch from the
"Low Drumsample" to the "High Drumsample." Velocities
above this value will sound the "High Drumsample," and
velocities below this value will sound the "Low Drumsam-
ple." If you do not wish to use velocity switching, set this to
001 and specify only the "High Drumsample" ( "Velocity
M.Sample SW Lo→Hi" Program P1: 1–2c).
5–1b: High Drumsample
Specify the bank of the High Drumsample.
ROM: Select preset Drumsamples. In "Drumsample Select,"
you can choose from 00: BD-Dry 1 – 412: Amp Noise. (Refer
to the separate Voice Name List.)
RAM: Select samples that you created in Sampling mode or
loaded in Disk mode. Select the RAM bank when you want
to use this sample data to create a drum kit.
EXB*: Drum samples from a separately sold EXB-PCM
series option board can be selected. This can be selected only
if an option board containing drum samples is installed. "*"
will indicate the type of installed option.
If a drum kit that uses a drum sample from a separately
sold EXB-PCM series board is selected, but the neces-
sary drum sample is not available because the corre-
sponding EXB-PCM (expansion board) is not installed,
the "Bank" field will indicate ROM. In this case, that
drum sample will not sound. By re-selecting the drum
sample bank, you can make it sound.
[00 (A/B)...63 (User)]
Preset drum kits
(for user drum kits, EXB-PCM series drum kits)
(for user drum kits, EXB-PCM series drum kits)


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