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In the following example, the "Chain" box between IFX1
and IFX2 is checked so that the IFX1 output is sent to IFX2.
"IFX1: 001: St. Amp Simulation" and "IFX2: 020: Stereo
Flanger" are inserted to Timbre 1. "IFX2: 020: Stereo
Flanger" is inserted to Timbre 2. The figure above ("Rout-
ing" tabs) shows these settings. (In this example, IFX 3, 4,
and 5 are not being used.)
— Settings for drum Programs —
If a drum Program ("OSC Mode" DrumKit) is selected for
timbres in Combination mode and for tracks in Sequencer
mode and Song Play mode, you can select "DKit" for "BUS
Select." If you select "DKit," the "BUS Select" (Global P5: 5–
2b) settings for each key become effective, and each drum
instrument sound will be routed to the corresponding buses
(e.g.: the snare sound is sent to IFX1, kick sound to IFX2, and
other sounds to L/MON and R). If you select anything other
than DKit, you may apply any Insert Effects to all drum
instruments, regardless of the DrumKit settings.
If you have selected "DKit" for "BUS Select," you can select
"DrumKit IFX Patch" from the page menu. This option
allows you to change the routing of the Insert Effects tempo-
rarily by changing "BUS Select" for each key. For example,
assume that the DrumKit key assignment is set so that a
snare sound is routed to IFX1 and a kick sound is routed to
IFX2. In this case, if you wish to assign IFX 1 and 2 to the
Programs used by other timbres and tracks, you can view
the routing so that these DrumKit sounds are routed to IFX3
and IFX4 respectively. This type of patching is available only
with the keys for which "BUS Select" is set to IFX1–5. You
can check the settings with the Routing map. After you set
"DrumKit IFX Patch," press the [OK] button to confirm the
setting. If you wish to restore the original DrumKit setting,
set IFX1 to IFX1, IFX2 to IFX2, IFX3 to IFX3, IFX4 to IFX4,
and IFX5 to IFX5.
In the following example, Drum Program is assigned to
Timbre 1, and normal Programs are assigned to Timbres 2
and 3. "BUS Select" is set to DKit for Timbre 1, IFX1 for Tim-
bre 2, and IFX2 for Timbre 3. With Timbre 1, the "BUS
Select" (Global P5: 5–2b) for DrumKit setting becomes effec-
For example, assume that the snare sound is routed to IFX1,
and the kick sound is routed to IFX2, and you wish to use an
effect for a drum Program that is different from the effects
for timbres 2 and 3. In this case, use "DrumKit IFX Patch."
Select "DrumKit IFX Patch" from the page menu to tempo-
rarily change the setting for the DrumKit from IFX1 to IFX3,
and IFX2 to IFX4. When you confirm the setting, the snare
sound will be routed to IFX3 and the kick sound will be
routed to IFX4.
DrumKit IFX Patch dialog
After setting the parameters
2–3. Sampling mode
You can sample sound while applying the Insert Effects to
the signal input from AUDIO INPUTs 1 and 2.
Use "BUS (IFX) Select" (Sampling P0: 0–2a) to set Inputs 1/
2, and the buses by selecting from L/R, IFX1–5, and Off. You
cannot select 1, 2, 3, 4, 1/2, or 3/4 (output to OUTPUTs 1, 2, 3,
In the following example, input signals at Inputs 1 and 2 are
routed to IFX1. The Insert effect parameters are set in "P8:
Insert Effect" and the Insert effects are applied to the input
signals for sampling.


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