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Korg TRITON proX Manual: 3-2: Preference; Sampling P4: Controller Setup; 4-1: Controller Setup

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3–2: Preference
3–2a: Create Zone Preference
Here you can specify the default settings for indices that are
created by executing "Create" (3–1c, 0–1b). New indexes
will be created according the settings you specify here. You
are free to modify the settings of an index later. Also, when
you execute "Insert" (3–1c), the "Position" setting specified
here will be used ( 0–3a).
( Link: P0 "Create Zone Preference")
Sampling P4: Controller Setup
4–1: Controller Setup
Specify the functions that the [SW1] key, [SW2] key, and the
B-mode functions of the REALTIME CONTROL knobs [1]–
[4] will have in Sampling mode.
In Sampling mode, it is not possible to use AMS to con-
trol program parameters.
4–1a: Panel Switch Assign
Assign the functions of the front panel [SW1] and [SW2]
switches ( p.217 "SW1, SW2 Assign List").
SW1 (SW1 Assign)
SW1 Mode
SW2 (SW2 Assign)
SW2 Mode
"Panel Switch Assign" (Program P1: 1–4a).
4–1b: Realtime Control Knobs B-Assign
Assign the B-mode functions (mainly various types of con-
trol change) for the front panel REALTIME CONTROL
knobs [1]–[4] ( p.218 "Realtime Control Knobs B–Assign
List"). The functions you specify here will operate when the
front panel REALTIME CONTROL knobs [1]–[4] are oper-
ated in B-mode.
Knob 1–B
Knob 2–B
Knob 3–B
Knob 4–B
"Realtime Control Knobs B-Assign" (Program P1: 1–4b).
These controllers can be used to make realtime changes in
effect dynamic modulation functions etc. while you sample.
Example settings
Here's how you can assign knob [1] (B-mode) to control the
"Wet/Dry" balance of the 044: Stereo/Cross Delay effect
selected for IFX1, and use knob [2] (B-mode) to control the
"Pan" after the IFX in realtime while you sample.
1 Set "BUS (IFX) Select" (0–2a) to IFX1.
2 Select 044: Stereo/Cross Delay for "IFX1."
3 Set the IFX1 tab "Wet/Dry" setting to Dry, "Src" to
KnobM1[+], and "Amt" to +50.
4 In Realtime Control Knobs B-Assign, set "Knob 1–B" to
Knob Mod.1 (CC#17), and set "Knob 2–B" to Post IFX
Pan (CC#08).
[Off...After Touch Lock]
[Toggle, Momentary]
[Off...After Touch Lock]
[Toggle, Momentary]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]
[Off...MIDI CC#95]


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