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Power-Up The Soft Starter; Method Of Viewing And Changing Configuration Parameters - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Power-up the soft starter

At power-up the soft starter TFT display will present the user with the option to Start the motor (if the current configuration is
known) or to configure the soft starter for the required language, size of the motor and settings for the application. Section 6.4
below explains the parameters that can be changed and how that influences the operation of the soft starter.

Method of viewing and changing configuration parameters

Once in the parameter configuration screen the parameter can be viewed, changed and saved or changed and cancelled. The
layout and usage of the PARAMETER screen and the EDIT screen are shown in Figure 38.
Figure 38 – Viewing and changing parameters
64 Basic operation – Pro models
Figure 37 – Power-up the soft starter
Enter the Parameter screen from the CONFIGURE screen (as shown in
Figure 37) Scroll through the parameters by pressing buttons
The EDIT screen allows the user to scroll through the options or values
of the parameter using buttons:
Note that when scrolling through the parameter list - the list will wrap
around and start again with the same list.
to go to the next parameter, or
to go to the previous parameter
button goes to the START screen (refer Figure 37)
and saves the configuration changes
button goes to the EDIT screen where the parameter
options can be viewed and changed.
to go to the next parameter option in the list or in the
case of a numeric parameter, to increment
to go to the previous parameter option in the list or in
the case of a numeric parameter, to decrement
to cancel any changes and go to the PARAMETER
to save the change and go to the PARAMETER screen.



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