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Basic Operation Procedure - Operation From A Remote Controller - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Motor stopping
The motor may be stopped during the motor starting sequence or while it is running, by pressing the STOP MOTOR button.
When the STOP MOTOR button has been pressed, the voltage as a function of time is displayed on a stop progress screen. Note
that the screen in Figure 41 shows a Ramp-down stop type. The display will depend on the selection as described in
JOG operation from the operation panel
When a non-zero Jog Voltage has been configured (refer paragraph 6.6.4), the Start screen will appear as shown below:
The motor may now be started by pushing the 'JOG MOTOR' button. While 'JOG' is active, the 'Alpha' value will increase
resulting in an increased supply voltage being applied to the motor over a maximum time of 2 seconds. Pushing the 'JOG
MOTOR' button again will cause the motor to coast to a stop.
If, while using the 'JOG MOTOR' button, the motor starts to exceed a comfortable speed, 'JOG MOTOR' can be pushed again
and then pushed again when it is back at a comfortable speed. All motor tripping conditions are monitored during Jog and
excessive running under Jog may sooner or later result in a trip.
Basic operation procedure – operation from a remote controller
This section shows the basic operation of the soft starter when using a remote controller such as a PLC. Note that for operation
from a remote controller, the Soft starter must be in REMOTE operation mode (refer par 6.7.1). The Modbus Controller (or
MEsoftstart PC Application) may or may not be present but will only be able to monitor the soft starter or re-configure the soft
starter when the motor is stopped.
Note that to be able to control the soft starter operation via a remote controller, the remote controller (or remote start button)
must be wired on the soft starter (refer Table 14).
79 Basic operation – Pro models
Figure 42 – Start screen with Jog option enabled



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