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Basic Operation Procedure - Operation From Tft Display Panel - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Basic operation procedure - operation from TFT display panel

This section shows the basic operation of the soft starter when using the TFT display panel. Note that for operation from the
TFT panel, the Modbus Controller (or MEsoftstart PC Application) should not be present and the Soft starter must be in
LOCAL operation mode (refer par 6.4.8).
Understanding the information on the TFT display
The TFT display shows all the information that is required to understand the soft starter operation and do basic fault finding. The
TFT display is small and compact notation is used to identify the parameters. Refer to Figure 39 below to understand the usage
and interpretation of the Parameter display area.
After power-up the Parameter display area cycles between parameter sets. The parameters sets are:
Default parameter display,
General parameter display,
Temperature display,
Supply Status display,
Voltage and Current measurement display,
Modbus and fan status.
The Default display is shown in Figure 39. The Information / Status area at the bottom indicates that the user may 'Touch and
Hold' to stop the cycling and view a single parameter set, or to change to another data set. 'Touch and Hold' will stop the
automatic cycling of parameter sets (shown in Figure 40) and will cycle manually between the data sets. After displaying the
Modbus and fan status, the auto-cycling will resume.
76 Basic operation – Pro models
Figure 39 – Understanding the display areas



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