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Controlling The Soft Starter - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Stop Ramp ending %
If enabled, the stop ramp may be stopped at between 60% and 15% after which the motor will coast to a stop
if not stopped already.
This potentiometer sets the current limit during start-up. The current can be limited between 1x and 6x
Current Limit during start-
(600%) the full load current of the motor (within the limits of the soft starter). Refer
Example: For the MEsoftstart/I00 which is a 100A soft starter with starting current of 240A in Normal Duty,
the starting current for a 22kW motor with full load current of 40A at power factor of 0.8, may be limited to a
value between 240A (6x or 600%) and e.g. 80A (2x or 200%)
Note that if the potentiometer is set to a value higher than the soft starter starting current rating for the
selected Duty and selected motor size, the current will be limited to the maximum that the soft starter can
provide (as specified in
Motor Full Load current
This potentiometer configures the size of the motor. The motor size is configured in relation to the soft starter
continuous current.
For the MEsoftstart/I00 which is a 100A continuous current soft starter:
For the MEsoftstart/I01 which is a 200A continuous current soft starter:
Additional configuration parameters
In addition to these parameters, the soft starter may be configured via the Modbus RTU interface for:
Motor protection class between 5 and 30 (default is 10).
PT-100 motor temperature sensor to cause a trip on motor temperature more than the maximum allowed temperature.
Maximum motor temperature (applicable if the PT-100 is selected) ([90°C - 175°C] - default is 120°C)
Motor restart temperature (applicable if the PT-100 is selected) ([40°C - 90°C] - default is 60°C)
Number of starts per hour [1 – 10] for Normal Duty (default is 10); unlimited for Heavy duty (default is 60)
Voltage imbalance [0 – 25%]; default is 20%.
Current imbalance [0 – 20%]; default is 10%.

Controlling the soft starter

The MEsoftstart/I Core models are easy to control, from the HMI panel, or from a remote controller via the inputs on the green
I/O terminals, or from a Modbus controller via the Modbus RTU ports on the bottom of the soft starter.
Using the Auto/Maintenance-feature
The MEsoftstart soft starter features an Auto/Maintenance input on the green terminals, which may be used to prevent
inadvertent START / STOP or RESET control of the soft starter from a remote location while e.g. maintenance is in progress.
Note that to be able to use the Auto/Maintenance function, the Maintenance switch must be wired on the soft starter (refer
Table 17). Note that the Auto/Maintenance input on the soft starter must be normally closed (for the soft starter to be in Auto
control to enable control from remote PLC, or any Modbus master, or the TFT panel). The Maintenance switch must open the
53 Basic operation – Core models
Table 1
for the MEsoftstart/I00 and Table 2 for the MEsoftstart/I01).
Configure a 22kW motor (with 40A full load current at power factor of 0.8) at 40%.
Configure a 55kW motor (with 99A full load current at power factor of 0.8) at 100%
Configure a 75kW motor (with 135A full load current at power factor of 0.8) at 67%.
Configure a 110kW motor (with 199A full load current at power factor of 0.8) at 100%
Table 1
to Table 2.



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