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General Troubleshooting - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Fault Message
Sensor Failure

General Troubleshooting

Soft starter display does not power up
The soft starter display does not start up when power is
applied to the soft starter.
Motor generates abnormal heat
The motor temperature is higher than expected.
Soft starter generates abnormal noise
A strange sound coming from the soft starter
Modbus controller cannot connect
The MEsoftstart PC Application or another Modbus
controller is unable to connect to the soft starter
105 Protective functions
The phase rotation is configured by parameter
"Phase Rotation" refer paragraph 6.4.1). If the
phase rotation is not corrected, the motor will
rotate in the wrong direction.
This message is displayed if an internal sensor
failure is detected. It will be followed by a line
giving an indication of which sensor failed.
Corrective action
Remove external communication cables from the RJ 45 RS485 and TCP
connectors if present.
Switch off the circuit breaker.
Check the wiring.
Disconnect the motor side terminals.
Switch on the circuit breaker.
Measure on the soft starter L1, L2, L3 terminals that all three phases are
present and within expected limits.
If the display is still not starting up with the supply voltage confirmed
present and correct on the grid-side terminals of the soft starter while not
connected on the motor side:
Please contact your local distributor.
Corrective action
Check the motor rating plate for supply voltage specification.
Inspect the motor rotation, wiring, fan and environment.
Check that the load is appropriate for the motor.
Measure for imbalance on voltage and current.
Reduce the start ramp-up time (a slow ramp may cause more heat build-up
than a faster ramp).
Corrective action
Check the fan blades for any interference.
If the fan was recently replaced, ensure that the fan cover is replaced
correctly, e-g- fan is not rubbing against the cover.
Corrective action
Check the TFT display – after power-up the configuration needs to be
accepted on the TFT before it will connect to a Modbus Master.
Check the cable – use the cable supplied.
Check the communication parameters on the soft starter (refer
paragraph6.4.9). Ensure that the Modbus controller or PC Application has
the same settings as the soft starter and is communicating to the correct
RTU address.
If using the PC application, check that the driver for the USB converter is
installed. (Refer paragraph 7.1.1).
Corrective action
If motor rotation direction is not
important, this parameter may be set to
"Don't care"



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