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Using The Auto/Maintenance-Feature - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Using the Auto/Maintenance-feature

The MEsoftstart soft starter features an Auto/Maintenance input which may be used to prevent inadvertent START / STOP or
RESET control of the soft starter from a remote location while e.g. maintenance is in progress.
Note that to be able to use the Auto/Maintenance function, the Maintenance switch must be wired on the soft starter (refer
Table 14). Note that the Auto/Maintenance input on the soft starter must be normally closed (for the soft starter to be in Auto
control to enable control from remote PLC, or any Modbus master, or the TFT panel). The Maintenance switch must open the
Auto/Maintenance input on the soft starter to prevent remote control of the soft starter. When the Auto/Maintenance input is
open, the soft starter will only accept control inputs locally on the soft starter, from the TFT panel.
The Auto/Maintenance feature must never be used in place of a proper safety procedure to ensure the safety of
personnel working on the soft starter or the motor.
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