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Configure The Soft Starter For The Application - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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The Mode LED will indicate the operational mode of the soft starter as shown in the table below.
Mode LED
This LED provides feedback regarding the mode of the software. The Mode LED state can be interpreted whenever
the Power LED is flashing.
The interpretation of the Mode LED state is described in the table below.
LED state
LED off
5 Hz Flashing
LED on
1 Hz flashing
0.5 Hz
In the case that the soft starter is in ERROR mode, the Error LED will help to troubleshoot the cause of the fault – refer paragraph

Configure the soft starter for the application

The MEsoftstart/I core models are easy to configure, using the guidelines listed below. The configuration options from the HMI
panel are shown in Figure 31.
The switches to the left and right of the START | STOP key can be used to configure the soft starter as listed below:
51 Basic operation – Core models
Software mode
This is the state when 24Vdc is present, but prior to application of the AC
voltage, or
Idle mode
if AC voltage is present but the soft starter is under Modbus control: prior to
a START command.
After a START or STOP command (HMI panel button, Modbus command or
Ramp mode
Remote command), while the ramp-up or ramp-down is in progress, the LED
Ramp-up has been completed and if present, bypass contactor has been
Running mode
engaged. The motor should be running.
After stop or ramp-down is completed, the Soft starter is implementing the
Delay mode
restart delay time.
An error condition was detected. All switching elements are off. The soft
Error mode
starter awaits further operator intervention. See error LED for more details.
Figure 31 – MEsoftstart/I Core HMI configuration options
Mode description



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