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Power-Up The Soft Starter - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Power-up the soft starter

On power-up, the soft starter will be in IDLE mode. The user will be presented with HMI LEDs that indicates that the power is
present and the supply phase is detected.
Power LED
When 24V power is present this LED will flash at a frequency of 0.5 Hz. When Modbus RTU communication has been
established and the soft starter is under Modbus control this LED will flash at 1 Hz.
LED state
LED off
0.5Hz Flashing
1 Hz Flashing
Phase LED
This LED indicates the detected phase of the applied 3-phase power. The configured phase orientation must be
Clockwise. The interpretation of the Phase LED state is described in the table below.
LED state
LED off
LED on
0.5 Hz
If the Phase LED is flashing the indication is that the phase rotation of the 3-phase grid connection to the soft starter is incorrect.
Switch off the grid voltage and swap the incoming phases.
The Mode LED should be off at this stage, indicating that the soft starter is in IDLE mode. The operational modes of the
MEsoftstart/I core model is illustrated in the Figure 30 below:
50 Basic operation – Core models
CPU state
No power
No power on the CPU card in the soft starter.
Power present;
The power is present on the CPU card. CPU is not detecting any Modbus
Modbus not
Power present;
The power is present on the CPU card. Soft starter is under Modbus control.
Modbus in
Use the Modbus commands to start and stop the motor.
Detected phase
This occurs before AC power is applied and during phase synchronisation
Unknown phase
immediately after application of AC power.
Correct phase
The phase rotation is correct.
Phase error
An incorrect phase rotation is detected.
Figure 30 – MEsoftstart/I Core operational modes



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