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Soft Starter Installation - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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Soft starter installation

Soft starter placement
Placement of the soft starter needs careful planning. The clearance below the soft starter is required for terminal access for
wiring as well as air inlet and the clearance above the soft starter is required for heat dissipation as well as terminal access for
wiring. Consider the following:
a) Install the soft starter securely on a sturdy horizontal or vertical surface with bolts (refer paragraph 2.3.6).
b) Leave enough clearances and take measures to cool the device (refer par 2.3.3).
Leave enough clearance to access terminals to wire the soft starter.
d) Avoid places where the soft starter is subjected to direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity (refer
paragraph 2.2.2).
e) Install the soft starter on a non-flammable wall surface.
When encasing multiple soft starters, install them in parallel as a cooling measure (refer paragraph 2.3.4)
g) For heat dissipation and maintenance, keep clearance between the soft starter and the other devices or cabinet
Installation orientation of the soft starter
The MEsoftstart models without internal bypass contactor may be mounted at any orientation, but the recommended
orientation is upright against a wall or against the cabinet back or side (max. deviation from vertical is 22.5°).
This allows for easy access to the HMI, terminals and with natural air flow from bottom to top as shown in Figure 9.
If a MEsoftstart model with an internal bypass contactor is used, the orientation guidelines in Figure 8 should be adhered to.
27 Installation Instructions
Figure 8 – Mounting orientation



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