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Mesoftstart Pc App - Mitsubishi Electric MEsoftstart/I01 Users, Installation & Instruction Manual

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MEsoftstart PC App

This section describes how to install the MEsoftstart PC App on the user's computer and how to use the interface to configure,
monitor and control the soft starter.
The MEsoftstart PC App is tested to run on the Windows 10 operating system.
Two versions of PC Application software are available: for the Pro variants and the Core variants - the difference between the
two is shown in the table below.
MEsoftstart/I Pro variants
The MEsoftstart/I Pro variants are full featured soft starters
that are highly configurable.
The PC Application for the Pro variants are designed to make
the complex configuration easy.
The PC Application for the Pro variants provides real-time
monitoring (while the motor is idle, starting, running and
The Modbus link (PC Application, PLC or SCADA) allows Start, Stop and Reset control
The MEsoftstart PC application for Pro variants can be used
with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP.
Modbus RTU interfaces on the RS485 RJ45 connector
on J2 or J3
Modbus TCP interfaces on the RJ45 Ethernet port on J1
If the Modbus TCP interface is used, an Ethernet cable may
be used to connect the PC with the soft starter.
MEsoftstart/I Pro PC Interface Application
(supports RTU and TCP)
If using Modbus RTU, the Driver for Modbus Interface is
83 MEsoftstart PC Interface Application
Table 19: MEsoftstart PC App differences for Pro and Core variants
Download the following version
MEsoftstart/I Core variants
The MEsoftstart/I Core variants are easy to use with
configuration via potentiometers and switches.
The PC Application for the Core variants allows the user to
view the configuration (as set by the potentiometers and
switches) and set limited configurable parameters
(refer paragraph 5.2.1).
The PC Application for the Core variants provides monitoring
(while the motor is stopped or running but not while starting
and stopping)
The MEsoftstart PC application for Core variants is based on
Modbus RTU and interfaces on the RS485 RJ45 connector on
J1 or J2.
If Modbus RTU is used a special cable is needed that
converts the RS485 on the soft starter to a USB interface on
the laptop.
It is recommended to use the cable that is supplied to
ensure that the supported buffer size of the converter is
MEsoftstart/I Core PC Interface Application
(supports only RTU)
Driver for Modbus Interface



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