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Coffee-Making Tips - Bosch Comfort Line TKA6A Series Instruction Manual

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Thermos jug
Only model TKA6A.8.
Important: Do not keep dairy products or
baby food warm: formation of bacteria. Do
not heat the jug in the microwave or oven.
Do not keep or transport carbonated drinks
in the jug. Rinse carefully after cleaning.
The seal is not hermetically tight to prevent
adherence through a suction effect. For
this reason the thermos jug should never
be transported in a horizontal position, or
coffee might leak out. The thermos jug has
a capacity of around 8 cups.
The lid of the thermos jug can be opened
with the unlocking mechanism.
X Image sequence C
1. Pouring out
2. Open the lid and remove
3. Replace the lid and close
Note: The bottom of the thermos jug
and the area underneath it on the coffee
machine can become very hot. This does
not indicate that the appliance is defective.

Coffee-making tips

Store ground coffee in a cool place. You
can also freeze it.
Once a pack of coffee has been opened,
always close tightly to maintain its aroma.
How the coffee beans are roasted affects
their taste and aroma.
Darker roast = more flavour
Lighter roast = more acidity
Never immerse the appliance in water or
place it in the dishwasher!
Do not steam­clean the appliance.
Unplug the appliance before cleaning it.
■ Clean all parts that came into contact
with coffee after each use.
■ Clean the outside of the housing with
a damp cloth. Do not use harsh or
abrasive cleaning agents.
■ Clean the water tank under running
water. Don't use a hard brush.
Only model with glass jug TKA6A.4.
■ The glass jug and lid are
Only model with thermos jug TKA6A.8.
■ Rinse out the thermos jug and lid and
wipe the outside clean with a damp
cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher or
washing­up water.
Tip: Stubborn stains can be removed
with a solution of baking soda,
dishwasher granulate or denture tablets.
■ Do not store the thermos jug closed to
prevent odours and the formation of
This appliance is equipped with an
automatic descaling indicator. If button
lights up orange after the end of brewing,
the appliance must be descaled.
Regular descaling
■ prolongs the life of the appliance;
■ ensures that it functions properly;
■ prevents excessive steam;
■ speeds up the brewing process;
■ saves energy.
The coffee machine should be descaled
with a commercial descaling agent.
■ The appliance must be switched off and
the mains plug inserted in the socket.
■ Place the jug in the coffee machine with
the lid closed.
■ Measure out descaler in accordance
with the manufacturer's instructions
(take note of safety information) and add
to the water tank. Do not use descaling
agent with phosphoric acid.
Caution: Do not fill with more than
6 cups of liquid.
■ Press and hold down button
least 5 seconds. The descaling process
for at


Table of Contents

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