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Parts And Operating Controls; General Information; Brewing Coffee - Bosch Comfort Line TKA6A Series Instruction Manual

Filter coffee machine
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Congratulations on purchasing this
Bosch appliance. You have acquired
a high-quality product that will bring
you a lot of enjoyment.
This instruction manual describes two
■ TKA6A.4. Model with glass jug
■ TKA6A.8. Model with thermos jug
Parts and operating
X Fig. A
1 Water tank with fill level indicator
2 Water tank cover (removable)
3 Filter housing (swivelling)
4 Filter holder (dishwasher­safe)
5 Drip stop
6 TKA6A.4. Glass jug with lid
TKA6A.8. Thermos jug with lid
(not suitable for dishwashers)
7 Button
8 Aroma button
9 Cable storage compartment
TKA6A.4. only
10 Warming plate

General information

– Fill water tank with clean, cold water
only. Never add milk or beverages such
as tea or coffee, or this will damage the
– Never exceed the top marking (line)
when you fill the tank with water.
– Use coffee with a medium grind (approx.
7 g per cup).
– Do not brew less than the minimum
amount of 4
/ 3
will not have the desired strength and
– Never remove the jug while the machine
is brewing coffee as this may cause the
filter holder to overflow.
– Place the jug in the coffee machine only
with the lid closed.
, or the coffee
– Don't use other jugs, or the special drip
protector will block the flow of coffee.
– If condensation accumulates on the filter
housing, it does not indicate that the
coffee machine is defective.
Before using for the first
■ Remove any stickers or film.
■ Pull enough of the power cable out of
the storage compartment and plug in.
■ To clean, fill the water tank with 6 cups
of water and replace it.
■ Put the jug into the appliance and switch
on with button
■ Repeat the cleaning process.
Info: The new appliance may emit
a harmless odour. If this is the case, fill with
a diluted vinegar solution (1 cup of vinegar
to 5 cups of water) and run the cleaning
programme. Next, rinse the machine twice
with 6 cups of water.
■ Clean the jug thoroughly.

Brewing coffee

X Image sequence B
1. Remove the water tank, fill with water
and reinsert up to the stop.
2. Swivel out the filter housing.
3. Insert a 1x4 filter paper in the filter
holder and fill with the amount of coffee
4. Swivel the filter housing back and click it
into place.
5. Position the jug, with its lid closed,
under the filter housing.
6. Press button
, and the brewing
process starts.
Important: When the brewing process is
complete, wait a moment until all the coffee
has run through the filter and into the jug.
Let the machine cool down for five
minutes before brewing a fresh pot.


Table of Contents

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