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Operation; Cleaning And Maintenance - Silvercrest SSE 4.5 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic soap dispenser


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The "Battery" indicator
When only one bar remains on the "Battery" indicator
the batteries soon.


1) Set the amount of soap you want to have dispensed each time. Press the
or "-"
display. You can select between 4 soap quantities. The more drops are
shown on the "Soap quantity" indicator
2) Hold your hand under the soap outlet
3) As soon as the soap stops, the LED
your hand.
4) If you plan not to use the appliance for a long time, press the "-" button
repeatedly until "OFF" appears on the display
If you want to remove a large amount of soap from the soap tank, you can
run the soap output for 30 seconds:
Press and hold both the "+"
The appliance will start dispensing soap and stop after 30 seconds.

Cleaning and maintenance

Switch the appliance off.
Wipe the appliance with a damp cloth. If required, use a mild detergent on the cloth.
If one of the sensors
cannot be replaced.
SSE 4.5 A1
shows the charge level of the inserted batteries.
button repeatedly until the required setting appears on the
lights up and the appliance dispenses some soap.
becomes stained, clean it carefully with a damp cloth.
, the more soap is dispensed.
goes out. You can now withdraw
and "-"
buttons for about 3 seconds.
, you should change

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents