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Setup / Initial Start-Up; Wall Mounting; Displays - Silvercrest SSE 4.5 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Automatic soap dispenser


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Setup / initial start-up

1) Place the appliance on a suitable and level surface.
2) Open the lid
3) Remove the stopper
4) Fill the soap tank with liquid soap.
When filling the tank, note the Max mark inside the soap tank. Never
exceed the Max mark when filling with soap. Otherwise the appliance
may overflow.
Fill at least 150 ml of soap into the tank, otherwise the "Fill level"
5) Replace the stopper
The appliance is now ready for use.

Wall mounting

1) Using the screw holes of the wall bracket
boreholes on the wall.
2) Before drilling the holes, check to ensure that there are no electrical cables
or water pipes behind the markings.
3) Use a 5 mm drill bit to drill the required holes and insert the wall plugs.
4) Affix the wall bracket
5) Hang the soap dispenser on the wall bracket


The "Soap quantity" indicator
The "Fill level" indicator
fewer bars visible, the less soap is still in the soap tank. When only one fill level bar
remains, the "Fill level" indicator
from the filling opening
will continue flashing.
in the filling opening and close the lid
using the screws provided.
shows the amount of soap that is emitted each time.
shows how much soap is left in the soap tank. The
starts to flash. Refill the appliance with soap.
, mark the spacing for the
so that it sits firmly on the
SSE 4.5 A1

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents