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Moving The Printer - Canon IPF8400S Basic Manual

Large format printer.
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iPF8400S Basic Guide

Moving the Printer

• Moving the printer requires at least six people, holding it on both sides. Be careful to avoid
back strain and other injuries.
• When moving the printer, firmly grasp the Carrying Handles under each side. The printer may
be unsteady if you hold it at other positions, which poses a risk of injury from dropping the
Printhead, Ink Tanks, and Maintenance Cartridge
• Always store consumables in a safe location out of the reach of small children. If a child licks or
ingests ink accidentally, seek medical assistance immediately.
• If ink accidentally gets in your eyes, immediately rinse with water.
If ink gets on your skin, immediately clean it off with soap and water.
If irritation persists in your eyes or on your skin, contact a physician immediately.
• Avoid dropping or shaking printheads, ink tanks, and maintenance cartridges. Spilled ink can
stain clothing and the work area.
• Never touch the electrical contacts of the Printhead after printing. The contacts become
extremely hot and can cause minor burns.
• Never disassemble the printer or attempt repairs. There are high voltage parts inside the
printer that can cause a fire or electrical shock.
• Never use flammable sprays around the printer. The gas of flammable sprays can cause a fire
or electrical shock, if it contacts high voltage points inside the printer.
• After removing the Cutter Unit, never touch
the cutting edge (a). This could cause
personal injury.
• Never insert your hand into the printer while it is printing. Moving parts inside the printer can
cause injuries.
• Never place anything on the printer such as small metal objects (paper clips, staples), liquids,
any type of liquid container that contains flammable liquids (alcohol, benzene, etc.). If such
objects fall into the printer, this could cause a fire or electrical shock.
• To prevent a fire hazard or dangerous electric shock, if a foreign object falls into or a liquid
spills into the printer, press the Power button immediately to switch the printer off, unplug the
printer power cable from the outlet, and then call for service. If you continue to use the printer,
this could cause a fire or electrical shock.


Table of Contents

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