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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 Setup Manual

Large-format printers.
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Overview of Setup
These are the steps in printer installation.
Mount the Ink Tanks
Install the Printheads
Load Paper to Adjust the Printheads
Install the Software and the
Electronic Manuals
Store Accessories in the Pocket
• Even if you do not use the printer driver, be sure to install Media
Configuration Tool from the provided User Software CD-ROM.
With Media Configuration Tool, the paper types that are available
in your area can be registered to the printer. For instructions on
installation, refer to "Install the Software and the Electronic Manuals"
on page 8. (In Windows, select Install Individual Software in the
Setup Menu window to install Media Configuration Tool only.)
• We recommend doing a color calibration after completing the setup
to adjust variations in the colors.
Details for each step are given in this Setup Guide. Simply follow the instructions
to install the printer.
If an error message is displayed during setup or other problems occur, refer to
"Responding to Messages".
Space Required for Installation
An area that is larger than the dimensions shown below is needed to install
the printer.
Width and depth
• When using the output stacker in the front ejection position, provide at
least 1400 mm (55 inches) of unobstructed space in front of the printer.
Read this manual before attempting to operate the printer.
Keep this manual in a handy location for future reference.
The Manuals Supplied with This Printer
After installing the printer as shown in this Setup Guide, refer to the
manuals for instructions on operation and maintenance.
Printed Manuals
Basic Guide
The Basic Guide contains the following information:
• Loading paper, Replacing the consumables, Control Panel menus,
and others
• Troubleshooting tips and Error messages
• Preparations for transferring the printer
Electronic Manuals
User's Guide
This guide describes advanced usage of the printer such as paper
saving tips, how to print a poster and banner with the supplied software
and print quality adjusting method, in addition to the basic instructions
for printing on roll paper or cut sheet.
Paper Reference Guide
This guide describes about the types and specifications of the available
media on the printer.
To refer to the electronic manuals
• Windows :
Double-click the iPFxxxx Support desktop
icon. (iPFxxxx indicates the printer model.)
• Mac OS X :
Click the iPF Support icon in the Dock
(Launchpad in OS X v10.7 and later).
Package Contents
a. Printer
f. Ejection support (x4)
b. Roll holder
g. Setup Guide (this document)
c. Set of manuals
h. 3-inch paper core attachment #2
d. Allen wrench
i. 3-inch paper core attachment #1
e. Set of CD-ROMs
j. Power cord
Other documentation may also be included in the package.
• Some items are included with the printer but not described in this
manual. Keep these items in a safe place after setup because they are
used in various printing applications.
• For instructions on the included items not described in this manual, refer
to the User's Guide.
• A cable to connect the printer to a computer is not provided with the
• Canon, the Canon logo, and imagePROGRAF are trademarks or registered trademarks of CANON
• Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other
• Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
• All other trademarks or registered trademarks described in this Setup Guide are the property of their
respective owners.
©CANON INC. 2012
k. Printhead (x2)
l. Starter ink tanks
BK, MBK, C, M, Y, PM,
PC, GY, PGY, R, G, B
m. Adjustment paper


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 • A cable to connect the printer to a computer is not provided with the printer. • Canon, the Canon logo, and imagePROGRAF are trademarks or registered trademarks of CANON INC. • Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
  • Page 2 Preparations Prepare the printer for use by installing it and connecting the power cord. Install the printer. Remove the tape and other packing Open the top cover. Assemble the stand and install the printer materials attached to the printer. referring to the Printer Stand Setup Guide included with the stand.
  • Page 3 Mount the Ink Tanks Mount the 12 ink tanks. Press the Power button to turn on the When the following screen appears, use Select your local time zone and press printer. the ▲ and ▼ keys to select a language and press OK.
  • Page 4 Make sure the ink lamp lights red. Check that the ink lamp is alight, and then Repeat steps 5 to 11 to mount each of the push the ink tank more strongly until is Ink Tanks. touches the base. Close the ink tank covers. •...
  • Page 5 Install the Printheads Install both printheads. When the display screen shows Open Lift the carriage cover to open it fully. Pull the printhead fixer lever forward all top cover., open the top cover. the way to open it completely. Instructions on printhead installation are shown on the display screen.
  • Page 6 Load Paper to Adjust the Printheads Load the provided adjustment paper and adjust the Printheads. Select type of paper for printhead adj. Open the top cover and raise the ejection Remove the roll holder from the printer. is shown on the display screen. Use the guide.
  • Page 7 Pull out the paper so it is even on both The paper feeds automatically until it contacts the Lower the ejection guide. sides and insert it into the feed slot (b), paper retainer. Lower the ejection guide carefully, taking and feed it until it contacts the paper care that the ejection supports (a) do not retainer (a).
  • Page 8 Install the Software and the Electronic Manuals Windows You can print from Windows via USB or TCP/IP (network) connections. The installation procedure varies depending on how your printer is connected. Install the software and The following screen may be displayed the electronic manuals by following instructions below.
  • Page 9 In the Printer Selection window, select In the Printer Installation dialog box, When the following dialog box is The printer is connected directly to a select Install with USB Connection, and displayed, make sure the printer is on and computer and click Next. click Next.
  • Page 10 For TCP/IP (network) connections Install the software • If the printer is already connected to Use the LAN cable to connect the LAN port Make sure the printer is on. the network, confirm the IP address on the back of the printer to the hub port. Turn the computer on and insert the assigned to the printer.
  • Page 11 After reviewing the installation results in When entering the printer's IP address manually the Complete Installation window, click In the IP Address Specification window, Next. • Ask your network administrator for the select either IPv4 Address or IPv6 IP address, as needed. Address to enter the printer's IP address and click Install.
  • Page 12 Macintosh You can print from Macintosh via USB or network connections such as Bonjour or IP. Install the software and electronic manuals depending on your computer environment. <Compatible Operating Systems> Mac OS X v10.5.8 to v10.7 Install the software • If you install the software, log onto the After making sure the printer is not On the desktop, double-click the CD-ROM computer as an administrator.
  • Page 13 Connect the printer to a computer 16 16 Click Quit. Make sure that the printer is on, and then connect the printer to the computer or the network The software installation is now with a cable. completed. Next, connect the printer to •...
  • Page 14 Click Install. After installation is completed, click Quit. Click the iPF Support icon in the Dock (Launchpad in OS X v10.7 and later). The electronic manuals installation is now completed. When clicking the User's Manual button, the User's Guide will be opened and clicking the Paper Reference Guide button, the Paper Reference Guide will be opened.
  • Page 15 Store Accessories in the Pocket Use the manual pocket to store the Basic Guide (which includes If you are using a stand, store accessories such as the 3-inch paper descriptions of basic printer operations, routine maintenance, and core attachment in the accessory pocket. troubleshooting tips), so you can refer to it as needed.
  • Page 16 Turn off the printer and wait at least three seconds before restoring resolved. the power. If the message appears again, write down the error code and message, turn off the printer, and contact your Canon dealer for assistance. ERROR Exxx-xxxx You may have encountered an error that cannot be...

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