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Images Are Printed Crooked; Documents Are Printed In Monochrome; Line Thickness Is Not Uniform - Canon IPF8400S Basic Manual

Large format printer.
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Images are printed crooked

In the Control Panel menu, Skew Check Lv. is
set to Loose or Off.
In the Control Panel menu, Width Detection is
set to Off.
Roll paper is loaded askew.

Documents are printed in monochrome

In the Advanced Settings of the printer
driver, Monochrome or Monochrome
(Photo), is specified in Color Mode.
The Printhead nozzles are clogged.

Line thickness is not uniform

In the Special Settings dialog
box of the Windows printer driver,
Fast Graphic Process is
The blue Switch on the platen is
set incorrectly.
The type of paper specified in the
printer driver does not match the
type loaded in the printer.
Incorrect Printhead alignment
Depending on the type of paper,
the thickness of printed lines may
be noticeably inconsistent.
In the Control Panel menu, set Skew Check Lv. to Standard.
(See "Menu Settings.")➔User's Guide
Set Width Detection to On in the Control Panel menu.
(See "Menu Settings.")➔User's Guide
If there is a gap between the roll paper and roll holder, reload the roll.
(See "Attaching the Roll Holder to Rolls.")➔P.12
(See "Loading Rolls in the Printer.")➔P.14
In the Advanced Settings of the printer driver, specify Color in Color Mode
and try printing again.
Print a test pattern to check the color ink nozzles and see if they are clogged.
(See "Checking for Nozzle Clogging.")➔User's Guide
Access the printer driver Properties dialog box from Print in the File menu of the
source application, and follow these steps to print.
1. Clear the option Open Preview When Print Job Starts on the Main sheet.
2. Clear the option Page Layout on the Layout sheet.
3. Click the Special Settings button on the Layout sheet to display the Special
Settings dialog box, and then clear the option Fast Graphic Process.
Move the Switch numbered corresponding to the size of paper for printing opposite to
the ● position.
(See "Setting the Blue Switch on the Platen.")➔P.119
Load paper of the same type as you have specified in the printer driver.
(See "Loading Rolls in the Printer.")➔P.14
(See "Loading Sheets in the Printer.")➔P.21
Make sure the same type of paper is specified in the printer driver as you have
loaded in the printer.
1. Press the Stop button and stop printing.
2. Change the type of paper in the printer driver and try printing again.
When printing fine lines or text at high precision on glossy or semi-glossy photo or
proofing paper, set the optimal Printhead height before aligning the printhead.
(See "Enhancing Printing Quality.")➔User's Guide
In the Control Panel menu, use a lower Head Height setting.
(See "Troubleshooting Paper Abrasion and Blurry Images.")➔User's Guide
Specify Proof in Print Priority in the printer driver.
(See "Giving Priority to Particular Graphic Elements and Colors for Printing.")➔
User's Guide
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
iPF8400S Basic Guide


Table of Contents

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